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Sun Laboratories Offers Samples Of Sunless Tanning Products Free

California-based Company offers free samples of sunless tanning product, allow people to try before buying.
Chatsworth, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 25/02/2011
Sun Laboratories Inc., Chatsworth, California, just announced that they are going to offer their unique sunless tanning products absolutely free to all those people who haven’t tried them before. These free samples are meant for testing to find out whether the product suits the particular skin type or not. In fact, this is often a common complaint of a lot of people that the lotion didn’t suit them, and was thus a waste of money. Sun Laboratories is now addressing this issue, and asking people to buy only once they are convinced about the results.

But honestly, that’s not the only concern raised about the sunless tanning items that are available today. Those who haven’t tried one before often question whether such a product can really give the same effect as a natural tan. And there are those who are also worried about how safe these products really are, and want to find out more about the side effects. Sun Labs is now asking all these people to just try out the sample pack and find out for themselves. And it seems that the company representatives are very confident that they can get the same sun-kissed tanned look. They are also assuring everybody that their self-tanning items are completely safe for the skin. “It can even be applied on the face” – said a representative of Sun Laboratories.

The sunless tanning samples on offer are almost free. The company is charging just a small processing fee before shipping them. For instance, the Ultra Dark Self-Tanning Lotion 02.7OZ normally costs $18.50. But at this time, you just have to pay $0.01 to get it. The Dark Sunsation Lotion 02.7OZ costs $21.50. Sun Labs is offering this at just $0.01. The other free samples on offer include the Ultra Dark Self-Tanning Lotion .25OZFP, the 04.5OZ SPF15 Sun Screen Tanning Lotion, 04.5OZ SPF02 Sunscreen Glitter Gel, and the Gift Set Peach Nectar Hand & Body 09oz. There are many other tanning products as well that are being offered as free samples.

Sunless tanning has become extremely popular over the past few years as more and more women and men have become interested to try them out. They are drawn in by the fact that they can get the tan sitting at home, and they can get it throughout the year. They can of course save money too because there’s no need to travel to the beach just for the tan anymore.

Sun Laboratories of California has been at the forefront in providing the best sunless tanning solutions. The company today has a huge reputation and a big customer base. There are many who would just use a tanning solution from Sun Labs. The company also makes body and bath products.

About Sun Laboratories: A company that was set up in 1983 by Gisela Hunter and named Giesee has today grown to be known as the Sun Laboratories. The company is engaged in extensive research at the laboratories in Chatsworth, CA. This is where the products are formulated, produced, bottled, and shipped from. Please visit www.sunlabsonline.com to know more about the sunless tanning and other products from Sun Laboratories.


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California-based Company offers free samples of sunless tanning product, allow people to try before buying.


Sun Laboratories

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