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Experts at Weld Delux discuss the basics of Welding and Fabrication

Experts at Weld Deluxe discuss about the different aspects involved in Welding and Fabrication
Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 25/02/2011
Haven’t we all held an object at hand and wondered how it came to be shaped? Here’s a basic guide of two methods that help to shape a product-Welding and Fabrication, explained to us by experts at Weld Delux. Weld Delux, are welding and fabrication contractors and have helped several companies’ across industries (that range from oil and gas, construction, aviation, food processing, and ship building) with their projects.

“Welding is the process of joining two metals, through localized consolidation, that results from a suitable combination of temperature, pressure and metallurgical conditions. These can be generally categorized as Gas Welding, Arc Welding, TIG and MIG, resistance welding, butt welding, solid state welding, thermo-chemical welding and radiant energy welding. Welding holds a majority of structures right from cars to bridges and buildings together. An engineer needs to have a sound understanding of the basics of welding or would end up designing a joint that cannot be welded.”

“Fabrication on the other hand involves manipulating metals through various procedures that involve cutting, bending and assembling. Fabrication is an inherent aspect of manufacturing and that’s probably the reason why most manufacturers have an in-house fabrication plant. It requires a lot of skill and training to be a fabricator. He is credited to build the raw structure or the skeleton, on the basis of which a structure or a product is built. Both fabricators and welders are in great demand in the construction and manufacturing industry,” says, Mr. Andrew Cooper, of Weld Delux.

“At Weld Delux, we offer fabrication and welding services and have grown from strength to strength and have diversified services from simple repairs to complete manufacturing and installation of products as per the client’s specifications. Our expertise in fabrication involves aluminum fabrication, steel fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and stainless steel fabrication. When it comes to welding, we use standard techniques like TIG, MIG and MMA for stainless steel welding, TIG and MIG for Aluminum welding and TIG, MIG, FCAW and MMA for carbon and mild steel welding.

About Weld Delux:

Weld Delux are leading welding and fabrication contractors based in Aberdeenshire and have handled prestigious projects for several companies. Besides welding and fabrication, they are also involved in the manufacture of wrought iron products.

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Mr. Thomas Buchan who is a client with weld-deluxe says, “I own a construction company and fabrication needs for my company are regularly done through this company. They provide fabrication with high quality material that lasts for a longer time and I have never found a single defect with them” You can know more information at http://www.weld-delux.co.uk a leader in fabrication and welding.


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