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Sun Labs Free Sample Offer Puts The Consumer In Charge

Sun labs with easy and fast sunless tanning products on offer! A wide range of products from sun labs provided at your fingertips. Also offered are free samples are available for testing. That way you can check reliability as well as the suitability of their products for your skin type. Choose the right product and place a bulk order. Browse through wide range of Sun Labs creams, body and bath products and so forth and enjoy
Chatsworth, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 25/02/2011
Sun Labs is a US-based company that has been in the business of creating self tan products since 1983. It also holds the distinction of being the first professional self-tan product manufacturer and distributor. The company has been developing a variety of self tan products which offer a safer alternative to exposure to the sun. These products are aimed at delivering a more effective and longer-lasting tan that doesn't tax the skin. In an effort to give the consumer greater power over choosing their Sun Labs products, the company is offering a number of free samples that people can test out first.

Getting Practical

The decision of Sun Labs to offer free samples as well as products at drastically-reduced rates stems from a trend that the company noticed among many consumers. Many people were wary of investing in self tan products simply because they weren't sure how they would work. They did not want to spend good money on a product simply to find out that they couldn't use it. "Self tan products are like make-up and perfume in the sense that you really need to test it out on yourself first," explained a company researcher. "We completely understand a consumer's hesitation in buying a product that might not work for them. Instead, we're giving them the chance to test the products out on their own for free. This way, they can find out which suits them best and buy accordingly."

Sun Labs is very confident in their products and believe that consumers will see and feel the difference when they try them for themselves. "A lot of companies don't like offering free samples. And we understand how this can be frustrating for people who simply want to test the product before buying," explained a company representative. "We not only believe that the customer should have this option, we also believe that testing our products is really the best way to see how effective they are. We're confident that consumers will see just how effective Sun Labs self tanning solutions are once they try them."

Safer and Stronger

The consumer has long been the main focus for most of the products developed by Sun Labs. After all, these self tanning products were basically created as a safer and more effective alternative to getting tanned in the sun. As direct exposure to sunlight becomes more and more dangerous, the company has been diligently working to create a line of products that offer all the benefits of a tan without the risks. "There are just so many issues connected with sun tans today," shared a company official. "Direct exposure can cause so many skin problems, even skin cancer. We believe that people don't need to put themselves and their health at risk just to get a good tan. Our products prove that you can get a rich, wonderful colour without damaging your skin."

More information on Sun Labs as well as their wide range of products is available at their site www.sunlabsonline.com. Information is also available on free samples and products that are available at reduced rates.


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