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The luxurious amenities on a trip through Deccan odyssey

The Deccan odyssey links some of the famous attraction of the country and provides the best services to the tourists inside the train with almost all the extravagance facilities. Every tourist has given personal attention and care to maximize the comfort while on a tour to India.
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The India tour is an enormous one when is choosing to be done by the Indian Deccan odyssey train. The intrinsic beauty of the country is covered best through this train. The train is a new way to explore the charm of the country. The royal journey to India through an Indian train is surely an innovative and unique method.

The Deccan odyssey begins to run from Mumbai covers the places of Nasik. Kolhapur, tadoba, beach resorts of goa and some other places. The guests who aboard the train are get to see so many interesting places that the might have not ever dreamt of viewing. The train tour is itself very special for the tourists coming down to India for the first time. The Deccan odyssey train offers huge variety of amenities to the tourists so that they don’t face any problem throughout the journey.

The tourists need not to worry about the deccan odyssey train tour that how it will turn out to be because the Indian tour operators aim in providing the finest services to the tourists coming to India. The Deccan odyssey tariff starts from 500 US $ to 950 US $ which consists the morning and evening tea, breakfast and dinner as well as lunch in some luxury restaurant in the city. The train tries covering most of the distance during the nights so that the time can be saved for sightseeing during the day time.

The comfort given and offered in the train is truly commendable. The royal interior of the coaches in addition to the modern and latest facilities is outstanding. The delicious food is served by the expertise chef is luscious. The train also includes a spa and a bar for the people who are health conscious and also for those who loves to have liquor.

The Deccan odyssey tour is something which every tourists wishes to enjoy as the royal heritage, culture and hospitality of the country all together can be found under this India tour. The exclusive facility of booking the ticket online is available for the tourists so as to reduce all the problems from the Deccan odyssey tour to India.


According to the above news, it concludes that a trip to India can be fantabulous by the India tours. India is a perfect blend of numerous indifferent places like beaches, temples, monuments, water parks, wildlife and other various attractive destinations. The journey to incredible India will be like a dream come true. All the regions from north to south and west to east can be catch up by India tourism.


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