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Learn How To Cook Whole Foods on a Budget With ‘We Can Do Butter’, A Postmodern Kitchen ManualFeatured PR

The book ‘We Can Do Butter’ tells you why to avoid GMOs and commercially processed foods, and replaces marketing hype with basic biology and simple recipes for living a ‘Do Butter’ lifestyle. Starting with eating real butter.
Los Angeles, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 30/10/2013
WeCanDoButter.com is proud to announce the release of "We Can Do Butter!: A Postmodern Kitchen Manual" by author Lela Buttery and Healist Books.

Are you hungry for a real food revolution starting in your own kitchen or the kitchen of someone you love? In her new book "We Can Do Butter!", biologist and private chef Lela Buttery tells how to take control of your kitchen and your health. We Can Do Butter covers gut health, GMOs, labeling, and the role of good fats in hormone health.

Lela Buttery shares tips on sourcing, prepping and cooking whole foods on a budget, and ends with functional recipes, including Lela's one-hour roast chicken, a ground seeds and homemade keifer probiotic breakfast treat, and Grandma Cronin's spelt scones and biscuits. This buttery book tastes good and is good for you - a nutrient-dense feast for the mind, belly and eyes.

Lela is a biologist and private chef who is passionate about food. She has seen the problems in our food system first-hand because she used to work for the Department of Agriculture. Later, Lela got thrown into food rights activism when Rawesome, the local raw food club where she volunteered in Venice, CA, got raided by the FDA, USDA and CA Dept of Agriculture over some raw goat milk. Lela learned from that experience that it's time to take personal and collective action.

We're all in different places on the food spectrum, so whether you're just starting out or you're friends with the foodie gods, there's something for you in this book-everything from food porn to great stories about cultural preservation and tips for sourcing, prepping, menu-planning and cooking quality food. At heart Lela a teacher and with her background in biology, she communicates to you all the basics about gut health and GMOs so that anyone can understand the science from the marketing hype, including why we need GMO labeling.

Lela comments, "Like everyone, I've had my own journey, and I share the wisdom from my experiences along the way, not just as a biologist but also as an everyday person eating smart and staying healthy in a society awash in bad food. My dream is to share the abundance that comes from eating well and from loving and nurturing our local food ecosystem."

Lela adds, "When I hear people say, "I don't have time to cook," what I hear is that cooking is not a priority to them. But the truth is everyone has a personal responsibility to source, prepare and cook their own food, to be engaged in their own sustenance, and to weigh in on their own wellness. And each of us also has a shared responsibility for environmental stewardship of our natural food resources."

The book "We Can Do Butter!" by Lele Buttery is available now at the iTunes bookstore and Amazon.com. For media inquiries and interviews please visit WeCanDoButter.com.

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WeCanDoButter.com is the website for the book “We Can Do Butter”, a look at personal health and the health of the planet from the perspective of a biologist and private chef. Author Lela Buttery has a timely message: take control of your food by being your own food scientist and personal chef. The book “We Can Do Butter” tells you why to avoid GMOs and commercially processed foods in no uncertain terms, replacing marketing hype with basic biology and simple recipes for living a ‘Do Butter’ lifes


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