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Save Up To 80% of Energy Using Specialized MHT LightingFeatured PR

MHT Lighting offers the SP1000 series of LED lighting that saves users hundreds of dollars spent on energy bills
Staten Island, NY, United States (pr4links.com) 15/10/2013
New York based MHT Lighting now offers to save the hundreds of dollars spent on energy bills through a specialized lighting system. The SP1000 series manufactured by them makes use of a sophisticated hybrid energy and correction system to increase efficiency and correct system imbalance.

"The system was designed by Power Metrics International. Using this system, it is possible to reduce almost 3% to 7% kilowatt-hour. This in turn reduces electricity bills almost by 8 to 15%. We have customers who claim that they've saved almost 16% per month through the electricity bills," says a spokesperson for MHT Lighting. SP1000 systems are ideal for applications such as compressors, elevators, HVAC systems, water pumps, super markets, high rise office buildings, airports, hotels, cold storage, etc.

The Company sells LED lighting induction lighting and other energy management systems. They have designed several other patent pending LED technologies that increase the life span of a product and are easy to install besides saving energy.

"It is our Company's vision to manufacture products that are energy efficient. Besides the SP1000 energy management system, we also manufacture LED based lighting technology. LED is non toxic, does not contain harmful materials like mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. and is completely recyclable. They also last long- almost 50,000 to 100,000 hours," adds the spokesperson. MTH Lighting products are regularly used at hospitals, corporate campuses, office buildings, data centers, restaurants, retail shops, supermarkets, etc.

About MHT Lighting:

MHT Lighting is one of America's leading manufacturers of energy efficient lighting products. Among their products include induction lighting systems like gas station lights, parking garage lights, LED based lights like LED tubes, LED flat panels, etc. Theirs is the only ISO 9000/01 certified induction light manufacturing facility in the whole of USA.

To know more, visit, http://www.mhtlighting.com



“We have come up with a diverse range of high quality DLC approved LED lights including LED flat panels, LED tubes, all of which are backed by a solid 5 years of warranty assurance from us. We also have hybrid SP1000 energy efficiency solutions in 208 V and 480 V”, said the firm manager from MHT Lighting. For more information on the induction lighting or LED lighting products from the company, visit www.mhtlighting.com


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