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BakersBodega Acts the Ultimate Go-To Resource for All Cake Decoration Supplies Featured PR

BakersBodega, a one stop shop for all cake decoration supplies in Pico Rivera, CA offers wide selection of cake decoration items, cake pans, tools, edible papers and adhesives at competitive rates.
Pico Rivera, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 30/08/2013
With top rating on Yelp for prolonged customer services, prices and wide ranges of cake decorating supplies, BakersBodega acts as the ideal cake decorating supply store in Pico Rivera, CA. The store is full of wide variety of cake decoration supplies, cake pans and every possible decorating idea that bakers could think of to delight kids and adults alike. Professional cake baking pans available here can make cakes look like they are straight from the best commercial bakery around.

"There are still very few place in the country that have such an extensive inventory of cake decorating supplies; consequently we have it all. Local professional bakers and pastry chefs frequent the shop for one-of-a-kind items. Crafts shops or kitchen stores may have some cake decorating supplies, but no store has the range and depth of cake, cupcake, wedding cake, birthday cake, and grooms cake items that we offer. In addition, we take great pleasure in helping the home baker make their first fancy cake. And also, four generations of bakers come to the store for ideas and help making that special celebration cake", quoted the mediaperson.

BakersBodega stock many top brands including Argental, AmeriColor, Lallemand, Instaferm, AVO, Alegacy, Westco, Viva, Trigal Dorado, Supreme, Ghiradelli, Flavor King, Deiman, DecoPac, CK products, Cargill, CakePlay, BakeSense, Bakery Crafts, Bake Qwik, BakeMark and Ateco. Their goodies team has years of experience and expertise, and are willing to pass their knowledge on the valued customers. At BakersBodega when you shop for cake decorating tools, cake baking pans or any cake decoration supplies, you are sure to experience a huge difference in price than buying it from any other store.

Continuing the above statement, the mediaperson also added, "Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meet those needs as well as providing you with all the cake decorating supplies you'll need. We welcome the opportunity to earn trust and deliver you the best service and products in the industry".

About BakersBodega

BakersBodega offers a complete line of cake decorating supplies from cake pans to fondants to help you create the perfect cake. Their team consists of some of the most experienced cake decoration experts and are always free to offer advice. For more details, log on to https://www.bakersbodega.com/



BakersBodega is one of the leading Los Angeles based cake making and decorating supplies. They offer wide selection of cake decoration items, cake pans, tools, edible papers and adhesives. For more info, click here https://www.bakersbodega.com/


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