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Virtualdrive.com Announces NSA & FBI Safe Premium Online data BackupFeatured PR

Virtual Drive ensures complete data security with premium online data backup software. The company assured high encryption features that would keep the client data guarded from government intrusions
Olathe, KS, United States (pr4links.com) 30/07/2013
For businesses looking for secured online backup for their database, Virtual Drive, the leading cloud backup company has announced to support with highly secured data backup online. The company assured complete security from any sort of government intrusion such as NSA & FBI attacks. Virtual Drive is one of the pioneers in secure & complete cloud services running since 1999.

A recent report has revealed that NSA & FBI have come up with a unique PRISM program which will allow them to tap directly in the main servers & users' data of some leading American internet companies. The internet companies participating in PRISM are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Dropbox, Facebook, AOL, Apple & Paltalk. The tapping would help these government organizations to extract video & audio chats, photos, emails, documents as well as connection logs which would enable the analysts in tracking foreign targets.

"We do understand that NSA is often into breaking codes and stealing secrets. But that won't be the case if you secure your data with us. Our main focus is to ensure complete security of our clients' data and prevent any sort of unauthorized access towards it. This implies that nobody, even FBI or NSA would be permitted to snoop on your data and communications freely. We don't have any NSA switches or blackbox and we promise complete privacy of your data with a premium online data backup software called Virtual Drive Backup Software", said a spokesperson from Virtual Drive. "We are the very company who you can count on to confirm complete data security free from the government intrusions", he added.

The manager from the leading cloud company noted that if they receive court orders asking accession to their client's files, Virtual Drive will allow accession to raw files that could be encrypted before storage.

"Our backup software is designed with top notch encryption aspects. Your files could be locally encrypted prior to uploading them to our data centers. It won't be possible for anybody to decrypt your data unless you leak our encryption key", said the manager, "We have redefined secure virtual storage".

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“We allow you to save and share numerous files online including life memories, family snaps, financial information etc. and exchange the data secure and fast among your colleagues, clients or partners”, the media person added. For any further information on Virtual Drive LLC and its cloud computing facilities, log on to its official website http://www.VirtualDrive.com.


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