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Wow!! What a journey. Written by Troy Wilson

Wow, here I am. Let me tell you a bit about my journey through life thus far and see if I can sum it up in about 10 minutes for you.
Zeelong West, Victoria, Australia (pr4links.com) 10/02/2011
So when did I realise I wanted to change the world?
It sounds enormous doesn’t it? And I guess that’s exactly it. I don’t believe changing the world is enormous because we’re all doing it. Everything we’re doing everyday in every way, shape or form is changing the world, we are all creating a ripple that will be felt on the other side of the world. Some of us create big ripples and some of us make small ripples.

This is the story of my ripples.

So where did it all begin? Thanks Mum!
Every family is dysfunctional right? From my experience it would be boring if I had a perfect TV childhood. My childhood was filled with drama and probably not that at all different to yours.

My parents were never the healthiest or the richest, my Dad left long before I was born, I guess he had a different path to complete and that’s okay too. My mother lived on, with psychiatric and health conditions and Mum and my step father both had challenges with a vast range of addictions.

I grew up in a low to middle class neighbourhood and was always moving home, we moved anywhere between 4 to 6 times a year, so sticking to a good education was always a challenge, and making friends? Ha, talk about a social outcast ! Lets just say I was never the most popular kid in the class.
I believe we all have differences in our journey and we always end up right here, with the same opportunities, similar challenges, and we all have the same fundamental emotions and wants. And from this I believe there is not really all that much separating us, I believe we’re all more alike than we’re different.
My health
My story started off at the ripe mature age of 4 when I was diagnosed with an interesting condition called Cystic Fibrosis which challenges the lungs, and in turn influences your energy levels along with a bundle of other fun attributes. From a young age I always had more important mindless activities to keep me occupied and health was never on the priority cards. That’s the doctors job right?

Wrong! A point came to me where I hit rock bottom and I saw the extremity of a not so distant future, I knew that if I didn’t make the decision to change my thought patterns, my course wouldn’t change and I would stay on a slow downward spiral. This was rock bottom for me, knowing exactly where I was going to end up if I didn’t make a decision, and I’m fortunate this was rock bottom, because if I didn’t see this as rock bottom I would have dove a lot further down the rabbit hole, seeing the polarity really disturbed me and it’s unfortunate that I had to see it in order to change my direction.

This would be the most scariest moment of my life, there was a point I recall saying to myself “I don’t want to live like this anymore“, it was at this epiphyll moment I realised I’m 100% responsible for my health and future, knowing this was exciting, it was the ‘doing’ part I next had to embrace.

I was fortunate that I had the reason that motivated me to seek out an access to a number of professionals that guided me through what I should be doing, and it soon became clear that I actually had to do what health professionals recommended, without following the advice they might as well have never existed to begin with, I wasted so much time looking for an easy answer, and waiting for someone to take action for me. Living along side Cystic Fibrosis was a blessing in disguise, teaching me how to prioritise my health. Sure it’s interesting at times, and in saying that I never let it limit my ambition or vision. If anything it helps to fuel my ambition to show the world that the only limitation stopping us from achieving our dreams is our own mind. Even so, I chose to believe that there is no such thing as limitation, only modifications.

Why not live a life of abundance, in all areas? From these challenges I’ve had in the past I’ve learn that it is possible to live an extraordinary life, The hardest thing I had to do was break my thought patterns and have a clear vision of the future I wanted, without a vision I’d be headed nowhere.

My peers

Throughout school popularity was something that never seemed to stick with me, I found alternative ways to seek significance, at an early age I developed a sense of humour which I used as a strong suit to get me past rough times, during school this was what would get me in trouble not just socially but academically as well. I knew from an early age that how I wanted to achieve significance in life was through the stage somehow, I figured it was a way to impact many at a time, but I didn’t know how.
School came to an end, and I fell into the performing arts, going from being on the theatre stage to being in a rock band. At this point the impact I had on people musically was fantastic, but it wasn’t enough. I fell into a bad peer group surrounded by drugs ( which seemed like a good idea at the time ), I had only 2 choices I could make, pursue the life of a rock star and be consumed by my environment which involved many cons rather than pro’s or, get out and as far away from that scene as possible. I’ve always had the belief that we become who we surround yourself with, and if you lay down with dogs you end up with flees !

So... I got out, but something inside of me was still craving more, the itch got stronger and stronger. As my health degenerated I needed to become healthier and fitter so I became a gym junkie, and things started to change, all of a sudden I loved the feeling of finally having the energy I needed to get through the day, I could get up in the morning and feel alive, and all I wanted to do was share the concept of an amazing lifestyle with people, this was my new bliss, and a new way of ‘being’ I guess you could say.

As I said before we always live up to the expectation of our peers, and changing my peer group to optimistic healthy people was the best way to change my personal results.

My philosophies
If you could really sum up how I’ve always gotten from where I was to where I want to be it’s all summed up into life philosophies, life has no juice until you have the right philosophy that drives you.

I’ve heard many times that life has no meaning except for the meaning that we give it, this thought could be challenging for some, but once completely understood it’s the most powerful tool of all time, there is no blackboard in the sky saying ‘ My life is dot dot dot...’ We’re the creators of our own destiny, we can create the philosophies and metaphors that drive us to succeed in whatever area we choose.
Sure we don’t have any choice over the cards we’re dealt, but what if we have the philosophy that we did get to choose them? What if I put the meaning to CF that I chose to have it? Wouldn’t that make an incredible difference to how I run my day? Wouldn’t it mean, I run my day and the day doesn’t run me? I could play my cards exactly how I want too. (With modifications of course)

Some people say ‘we all love surprises’ and we all know that’s not true, because we only like the surprises we want, the ones we don’t want we call ‘problems’. What if we chose our problems? How much more powerful is that!
I refuse to believe that the past makes us who we are today, because the moment I start to believe that I’ll start using it as a cop out to opt out of life. it’s what we want our future to be that determines who we are today.
My life story comes down to be deciding to not be a follower anymore, I’m a student of life. I’m the creator of my future and every moment I have is a gift. In order to change our results in life we need to change our perception.
Is life a curse that has given us a whole bunch of negative things to deal with? Or are we the creator of our own path, and do we get to choose our problems determined on the outcome we want our life to have.
I believe as long as you have reason behind your life with passion and drive than you’re already living life instead of just going through the motions each day just surviving. Each day I am


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