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VirtualDrive.com Assures Effective Business Online through Secured high quality Cloud IT serviceFeatured PR

Virtual Drive, the leading IT company guarantees to assist online businesses with high quality and secured cloud IT solutions at cost effective rates. The company caters to any size of office
Olathe, KS, United States (pr4links.com) 15/07/2013
The entrepreneurs looking for reliable IT backup for their online businesses seem to have a credible assistance - Virtual Drive, the leading IT company has announced to help the online entrepreneurs with effective business through its high quality secure cloud services. The company has declared to cater to any size of office, server and IT environment.

Virtual Drive claims to be the first to come up with completely secured cloud IT solutions. The company is a seasoned name in IT zone operating since 1999. Their systems include email servers, remote file server, FTP servers, web servers & data-backup systems.

"All the business would need our cloud IT support for an effective operation online. We are backed by a strong security and technical team who are the pioneers in cloud computing. Here you are always assured of great products & services without compromising on your budget. A lot of companies have taken to our cloud IT solution as a reliable and cost-effective alternative to their in-house self managed solutions", said a spokesperson from Virtual Drive.

Although they cater to any size of office, they have a special focus on the small businesses. They have a desire to help out the small businesses with easily installable & manageable high level IT solution at incredibly lower cost.

"We do understand that small businesses are generally short of the needed budget required for setting up a reliable and secure IT. Our cost effective solutions would assist them with enhanced productivity with no change on their present business applications", the spokesperson added.

This leading cloud IT company is equipped to support the online businesses with quick, simple & easy online storage, online file share, file versioning, file synchronization, automatic online backup and advanced cloud server hosting services.

With years of experience, they can save businesses from overhead costs and would offer more and better features in comparison to any in-house expensive solution.

For more, visit http://virtualdrive.com



“We allow you to save and share numerous files online including life memories, family snaps, financial information etc. and exchange the data secure and fast among your colleagues, clients or partners”, the media person added. For any further information on Virtual Drive LLC and its cloud computing facilities, log on to its official website http://www.VirtualDrive.com.


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