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Virtual Drive Ensures Easy Automatic and Secured Data Backup at Low RatesFeatured PR

Virtual Drive offers premium quality automatic data online backup solution which is easy to use and secure. It can support multiple PCs at no extra charge. The basic service is free
Olathe, KS, United States (pr4links.com) 08/07/2013
Online businesses on the lookout for a credible data backup seem to have the ideal assistance - Virtual Drive, the major cloud backup company has guaranteed to provide easy & secure data backup. The firm promises automatic back up at low rates as well.

Virtual Drive is a leading name for cloud IT solution and data online backup systems is one of the major services from the company.

"The business data demands good backup which is not possible with local in-house or USB backup as these can't survive virus, disk crashes, natural calamities, accidental deletion etc. Count on us for your data backup as we are an eminent offsite file and email backup solution provider and guarantee to support you with secure, simple and auto backup", said the spokesperson from Virtual Drive.

Their backup solution involves auto backup software called Virtual Drive Online Backup that has been designed with a great range of backup features to safeguard valuable data automatically. The clients here are getting real-time or auto scheduled backup. Also provided is fast backup & restoration with incremental backup & data compression.

"It's important to mention that our data backup software would support any file version and would also backup HTTPS/SSL & data encryption for meeting up with premium security requirements. Our backup solutions have been maximized for businesses including solution providers, large enterprises, resellers & service providers. You will get tailored website logo", said the Virtual Drive manager while speaking about their backup system features.

The backup system here provides business and group backup with multiple PC & multi-user support. "We guarantee you backup solutions irrespective of the number of computers without any extra charge", the manager added.

The backup solution from Virtual Drive also deploys premium RAID storage, redundant server tools & redundant data sets for ensuring high reliability. The basic service is completely free of cost from the company.

To know more about the Virtual Drive backup software, visit http://virtualdrive.com



“We allow you to save and share numerous files online including life memories, family snaps, financial information etc. and exchange the data secure and fast among your colleagues, clients or partners”, the media person added. For any further information on Virtual Drive LLC and its cloud computing facilities, log on to its official website http://www.VirtualDrive.com.


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