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Hair Transplant Training Centre

Dr Tejinder Bhatti welcomed Dr Alex Ginsburg, the founder of the FUE technique, on his first visit to North India.
Chandigarh, UT, India (pr4links.com) 07/02/2011
Dr Tejinder Bhatti welcomed Dr Alex Ginsburg, the founder of the FUE technique, on his first visit to North India. Dr Alex Ginsburg, a dear friend of Dr Tejinder Bhatti came on a personal visit to Chandigarh to inaugurate a state of the art FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Training Center at Darling Buds. FUE is the only "stitchless and scarless" technique for hair transplant.

Replying to questions by the press, Dr Tejinder Bhatti said that there is no scar with FUE technique and the person who has undergone hair transplantation can return to work the very next day. Dr Alex Ginsburg is undoubtedly considered the pioneer of the FUE technique in the world. Earlier in the day, at a day long demonstration session of his technique to technical assistants and local doctors, at Dr Tejinder Bhatti's state of the art centre, Dr Alex Ginsburg showed the advancements of FUE which have made it so popular abroad. Dr Sarah Salas, another renowned name in the field of hair transplant surgery was also present.

Dr Tejinder Bhatti is the founding member of the Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons of India and its present Secretary. An eminent plastic surgeon dedicated to the art and science of hair transplant in general and FUE in particular and the founder of the leading hair transplant clinic DARLING BUDS (Chandigarh, India), unveiled his FellowshipTraining Program on 29 Jan 2011 in front of members from the doctor community and the local press. The training program was inaugurated by Dr Alex Ginsburg, one of the pioneers of FUE in the world. Dr Tejinder Bhatti is a Global Council Member of the international body ISHRS (www.ishrs.org). The ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) based in USA regulates ethical methods in hair transplant surgery the world over.

On being asked why he thought of opening training in the new hair transplant technique, Dr Tejinder Bhatti remarked- "Hair Transplant surgery is becoming very popular in Asia. Almost all dermatologists and plastic surgeons have started performing hair transplant surgery. Due to the increasing number of cases which come to Darling Buds for correction of bad results from India, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Jordan, Brazil, etc, it was felt that training in the field was lacking. Through the centre's website www.hairtransplant-india.org we get many visitors from across India and from abroad to see our technique. Darling Buds is now the first formal teaching centre in the "stitchless, scarless" technique in this part of the world. We have liaised with the best training centres in USA for the purpose. In 2010, 6 overseas doctors and 34 technical staff trained at Darling Buds."

Dr Alex Ginsburg congratulated Dr Tejinder Bhatti on his landmark venture and added that Hair Transplant Training is difficult to get since the technique of hair transplant and FUE in particular are closeted techniques. Hair transplant techniques have been so refined the world over and it is so time and money consuming to learn the new procedure which takes about 2 years to master and another 5 years to be commercially viable due to stiff competition, that the gurus of hair transplant the world over clam up when a junior doctor speaks the words- "Can I train under you, Sir?" He said Dr Tejinder Bhatti is one of the foremost hair transplant surgeons in the world today and his training program shall attract doctors from across the world. Indian doctors are considered skilled and their techniques are state of the art.

For more information about hairtransplant india, please visit:- http://www.hairtransplant-india.org/


For more information about hairtransplant india, please visit:- http://www.hairtransplant-india.org/


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