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TopDieselGeneratorsforsale.com releases proprietary Generator comparison tool to the public

topdieselgeneratorsforsale.com, a website dedicated to maintaining up to date reviews of the most popular buyers choice of diesel generators for sale on the web, has released their proprietary comparison tool to the public on their website. The tool is used in collaboration with manufacturer data and buyer feedback to provide the write-ups available at the site, and now visitors can perform their own comparisons in addition to accessing comparisons published by topdieselgeneratorsforsale.com staff.
Boston, MA, United States (pr4links.com) 06/02/2011
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Feb.6th, 2011 - TopDieselGeneratorsforsale.com launched at the start of the New Year with the initial intention of providing consumers with concise write-ups on the most in-demand diesel generators for sale on the web, to help those shoppers looking for extra perspective make an informed decision. Part of their review process involves analyzing key data about each diesel generator put next to its top competitors.

To make this process both efficient and accurate, the staff at TopDieselGeneratorsforSale.com developed a custom comparison tool that would allow them at a glance to see how each diesel generator being examined stacks up against its competition based on a pre-defined set of criteria. "We knew what shoppers found most important. Fortunately so do the manufacturers, so the information is always published and available on the web," said Jake Gray, Director of Procedural Development for TopDieselGeneratorsforSale.com. "The information is out there for anyone to see, the challenge is to put it into a context where an interested consumer can easily make sense of it in context, in a way that it has meaning to them. That is our goal with this website."

Jake explains the challenges the staff faced in meeting the goals of TopDieselGeneratorsforsale.com: "When you pull all this data together, it becomes quite messy to look at. By the time we had three generators up for comparison it was already taking too much time to put new data into context and get something meaningful out of it. We are a small company and as the Director of Procedural Development it is my job to make sure we have systems in place that make us efficient enough to produce the work output of a much, much larger one. As we continually look for new generators to add to our list, it became evident early on that a custom tool would be necessary to make this process fast, effective, and consistent."

The tool was a huge success within the company, and has increased the staff efficiency by 150 percent. "We realized we had put together something very valuable, and after a brief Directors meeting it was obvious to everyone in the room that this tool needed to be available to the public. After a bit of fine tuning we have narrowed the tool down to be user-friendly, and more importantly consumer-friendly, and we are now proud to release this tool in a form that anyone looking to make an informed decision when sorting through the variety of diesel generators for sale on the web can quickly and easily find the one that suits their personal priorities."



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