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Appletree Boutique marks one year anniversary of the launch of online storeFeatured PR

The quirky London fashion house Appletree Boutique launches online store and draws orders from far and wide.
London, UK, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 28/05/2013
The Appletree Boutique is known for its colourful bold floral patterns, vintage style dresses, quirky animal print scarves and tops not to mention its rather extensive range of cute, girly bags, belts and fashion accessories. The London based fashion store opened its first Boutique in the mid-90s in Covent Gardens. Soon after Appletree launched 2 new stores in fashionable Portobello Rd. Over 15 years later, Appletree finally launched its online store in May 2012.

We wanted to know, after 12 months of online presence, how has the company's online store performed, and what does the future hold for the Appletree Boutique? We spoke to Alex Warwick, the spokes-person for Appletree Boutique.

"As you know, we have our roots in London. We launched our stores in Covent Gardens and Portobello Road over 15 years ago. We are now a well-known Boutique in London and our stores soon turned into local treasures. We are frequently mentioned in local newspapers and internet blogs and press releases." Said Alex.

"We took our time with the internet and finally launched our website in May 2012, which is almost exactly a year ago. The website has been a success and sales have grown steadily in the past 12 months. What's interesting is we are receiving more and more orders from overseas. Countries such as Spain, Italy and even Russia and Japan", continued Alex.

"It has taken time to reach this position and the day to day running of the website, making sure products are up to date, orders dispatched in a timely manner and customer enquiries is replied, is a challenge which takes as much time and effort as running our Boutiques. As well as all this, we must ensure that our website is well optimised and promoted on search engines and social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, so that we drum up new business continuously. ", stated Alex.

The Appletree Boutique is a living proof that smaller players in the fashion industry can compete and thrive with bigger players in the market if they have pedigree and offer creativity in style.



The vast majority of their products are also offered for sale at their online store. Gift vouchers are also available from the boutique. For any further information on Appletree Boutique or its sales offers, visit http://www.appletreeboutique.co.uk/


Alex Warwick

127 Portobello Road
Zipcode : W11 2DY