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Hi-tech welding process

weld-delux.co.uk provides superior quality welding service to its client. State of the art techniques are used during the welding process.
Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 03/02/2011
“Welding is one of the important processes required for any industries; professional welders are required to perform the task using hi-tech equipments” said Mr.Cooper of weld-delux. He also added, “Welding process cannot be done perfectly by everyone, but it needs skill and techniques to weld any structures perfectly.”

Spokes person of weld-delux ( http://www.weld-delux.co.uk ) said, “Even though there are many different types of techniques in welding we adopt the most efficient and effective methods. We use gas metal arc welding which is less expensive and the weld quality is also exceptional. Our experts choose the fabrication material more carefully so that it lasts longer. We undertake any welding tasks including complex structures and installations. We use gas tungsten arc welding which makes it easy to weld almost any material including stainless steel. We have an expertise team who can weld with high precision and delivers product without any time delay.”

Mr.Lee who works with weld-delux says, “We carefully handle the materials and weld it with high precision for a high quality output. We undertake welding for aerospace, automobile, ship building, bridges, refineries, oil and gas plant and for any industries.” He also added, “We use multiprocessing units for spot welding and repairs and we also undertake sheet metal fabrication, aluminum fabrication, etc”.

Mr. Harry, owner of a chemical industry says, “We regularly need high quality fabricated structures for our medicine manufacturing process. Our fabrication ( http://www.weld-delux.co.uk ) requirement are fulfilled by weld-delux and they have been our business partners helping us to provide superior quality medicine.”

Wel-delux have an expert team who can undertake any work and do it perfectly and supply the products without any delay in time.

About us:

You can know more about us at http://www.weld-delux.co.uk. They undertake all types of fabrication work including stainless steel, aluminum, etc. All types of welding process are also undertaken. They work onsite to fabricate structures as per customer needs.



Mr. Thomas Buchan who is a client with weld-deluxe says, “I own a construction company and fabrication needs for my company are regularly done through this company. They provide fabrication with high quality material that lasts for a longer time and I have never found a single defect with them” You can know more information at http://www.weld-delux.co.uk a leader in fabrication and welding.


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