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Virtual Drive Comes up as the First Portal to Offer Complete Secure Cloud Basic ITFeatured PR

Virtual Drive, the pioneer in cloud computing, guarantees a complete and secure cloud basic IT solution. The company offers premier cloud hosting, online storage, files sync, file versioning, file share & automated backup
Olathe, KS, United States (pr4links.com) 08/04/2013
Virtual Drive LLC emerges as the first firm to offer businesses with complete & secure cloud "Basic IT". Their systems include email servers, remote file server, data backup software, web servers & FTP servers.

Virtual Drive is a seasoned face in the IT sector operating for nearly 14 years now since its inception in the year 1999.

"We are the pioneers in cloud computing and feature a solid technical & security team. We are known for our great services and products to the clients and a huge number of firms have readily embraced our reliable & cost-effective alternative to their own in-house self managed solutions", said the spokesperson from Virtual Drive, adding that they can save the client organizations from overhead cost & also offer a greater number of features in comparison to pricey in-house solutions.

Virtual Drive now offers premier IT solutions for all sizes of server, office & IT environ. They are equipped to support the clients with simple, quick and easy online storage, file sync, file versioning, online file share, automated online backup services as well as cutting edge cloud hosting solutions for large enterprises.

"Our services are completely white labeled and we are able to replace the client's localized file servers, the FTP servers & backup solutions", the spokesperson added.

Their services are mostly targeted to cater to small business ventures. According to the statement of the firm manager, "We do understand that the small businesses hardly have the expertise and budget to put up a reliable and secured IT solution. By utilizing our secure cloud services, small businesses could set-up & manage a superior IT system easily as well as dramatically lower the IT cost with the assurance of enhanced productivity. There is no need to alter your present business applications".

With great expertise, Virtual Drive has been providing highly scalable solutions and offers 1GB storage free of charge.

For any further information on Virtual Drive services, visit http://virtualdrive.com



“We allow you to save and share numerous files online including life memories, family snaps, financial information etc. and exchange the data secure and fast among your colleagues, clients or partners”, the media person added. For any further information on Virtual Drive LLC and its cloud computing facilities, log on to its official website http://www.VirtualDrive.com.


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