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Mirabile M.D Saves Corporate America, 1 Kg at a Time!Featured PR

Mirabile M.D is now offering a range of exquisite offers and promotions as a part of their corporate wellness program.
Overland Park, Kansas, United States (pr4links.com) 18/05/2015
Mirabile M.D, Beauty, Health and Wellness, founded by Dr. James Mirabile, M.D offers to individuals a holistic solution to one's own health. With treatments ranging from hormone replacement in Kansas City, to weight loss, cosmetic treatments and even gynecology services, this conveniently located centre has been instrumental in synergizing medical treatments to deliver holistic health.

By offering the best ultherapy treatment and tattoo removal in Kansas City along with a whole range of other services, innate understanding and experience allows Dr. Mirabile to treat the patient's aesthetic, physical as well as emotional needs. Whether one is looking for help for depression or needs assistance to manage issues pertaining to fibroids, hormone deficiency or weight, the caring and friendly medical staff working under Dr. Mirabile are just the experts that one wants on their case.

Mirabile M.D is conscious about the ongoing lifestyle challenges and constantly works towards introducing attractive programs that help spread awareness and motivate individuals to act upon their health challenges. The corporate wellness program introduced by the center, for instance, recognizes the effect of obesity on one's own health as well as the increased liability on an employer.

Dr. Mirabile says, "Statistics show that the total cost of obesity to corporate America is estimated at USD 73.1 billion every year. This is a direct result of reduced productivity and increased absenteeism."

By signing up with the Medi-Weightloss program as a Corproate Well Parnter, Mirabile MD provides corporate employees with 20% discount on every visit to the centre. In addition to discounts on the weight loss program, employees are also eligible to avail discounts and offers on cosmetic treatments such as skin tightening in Kansas City.

Furthermore, with a chance to organize weight loss worksite wellness workshops, Mirabile M.D works hand in hand with corporations to encourage a healthier way of life. The free seminar is designed to educate the audience, conduct BMI screenings and also make the process engaging with giveaways and lucky-draws.

With constant access to resources that help motivate your employees, corporations will be able to create extremely healthy and productive work environments for all.

About Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health and Wellness Centre

Mirabile M.D Beauty, Health and Wellness Centre is a Kansas City based establishment offering a holistic range of health services for all. For more details, visit http://www.mirabilemd.com/

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Mirabile MD MedCosmetic is a leading medical spa. With 20 years of experience, this clinic has helped thousands of men and women in the Kansas City Area to regain their confidence through a variety of skin and weight loss treatments. For more details, visit http://www.mirabilemd.com/


Emily West

4550 West 109th Street Suite 130
Zipcode : 66211