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A new website has launched providing free PLR membership to its users. For those of us not 100 percent sure on what PLR actually is/does, here is a quick run down.
Los Altos, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 28/07/2010


A new website has launched providing free PLR membership to its users. For those of us not 100 percent sure on what PLR actually is/does, here is a quick run down. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which enables you to use valuable content written by someone and sell it on as your own. This content can be anything, including ebooks, articles, video, audio, software and resources. You can sell these products under your own name, and obviously make a lot of good money out of it!

If you are not exactly new to PLR membership sites and other similar websites, you will have seen plenty of them around. However, the reason many people are choosing this website Money2k.com over the many others, is due to its very valuable, non duplicated content. A lot of other PLR membership sites will let you sign up for $30 or so, and offer you all of this brilliant information and content, when in actual fact, it is filled with duplicated content, bad spelling and grammar (good spelling and grammar are crucial things on an ebook) and very badly written articles. These resources are no good to anyone. If you tried to sell this stuff to your list of clients, or create a list, you would fail miserably, and those customers of yours who did buy the product most likely won't be coming back for anything else that you have to sell!

Maybe you are sceptical about money2k.com as you have been burned by a similar site in the past. Possibly even on more than one occasion. We all need that little bit of proof and reassurance that our money will be well spent with a site like this, as many don't offer any testimonials or guarantees at all. Although, don't be too sceptical of money2k.com, as they are offering these things as well as something even more valuable. FREE PLR MEMBERSHIP! Marcel Vinson, otherwise known as Mr. PLR, is offering free PLR membership for a limited time to give people a chance to start out, and then (because he is so confident this will work wonders for you) he will, in return, receive some great testimonials to share with any prospective clients in the future. If you need to see a testimonial anyway, just to be sure, just click the link at the bottom of the site and you will have all the proof you need right there!

You get so much in with the package from Marcel at money2k it really is astonishing. You have 24/7 access to a library filled with hundreds of products at your fingertips. Things like internet marketing scripts, software and articles, graphics, templates and banners! All of this content is updated on a monthly basis, so you are always sure to be getting great value for your money. If that wasn't enough to get you chomping at the bit for access to all of this juicy information, Marcel even offers an upgrade option for your package. You are under no obligation to take this out of course, however if this is what you wanted to do, simply use the "contact us" page on the site and he will do this for you the very same day if you wish!

Go and see what Money2k.com can do for you. If you are ready to take that step and become successful online!




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