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Liver transplant cost in India is much lower than the other countries. Medicalindiatreatment.com has announced a free, online medical opinion service for liver transplant in India. With this, foreign patients can avail free medical opinions from top Indian doctors instantly.
New Delhi, New Delhi, India (pr4links.com) 15/04/2015
45-year old, Nida Ali, underwent a liver transplant in India after she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver in Pakistan. She took the necessary medication for over four years, and was suggested a transplant after her condition deteriorated in early 2014. "I was doubtful if I would survive, but Almighty has been kind," exclaims Nida who is now healthy and fit.

Like Nida, there are more than 25,000 reported enquiries for liver transplant in India each year. The need for this kind of organ donation arises for patients who suffer from liver ailments after a heart disease, cancer, genetic disorders or the like.

"Liver transplant usually involves a living donor (LDLT) for a foreign national coming to India. In case of the LDLT transplantation a part of the donor's liver is used. The donor must be related to the recipient and must belong to the same country as the recipient, " explained Samridhi Chodha, COO, Medicalindiatreatment.com (MIT), a prime, Indian medical facilitator for foreign patients.

Medicalindiatreatment.com (MIT) has now declared open, the facility of availing multiple medical opinions from top Indian doctors by online submission of medical reports, at zero cost. This according to MIT, will save a foreign patient a lot of time and effort, and will help him or her to expedite the treatment procedure.

With the advent of technology, Indian hospitals have accomplished 95% success rate in dual-lobe, swap, domino and ABO-compatible transplants for Indian and international patients. The infection rates in such cases have been reported to be lower than 10%.

Talking on the influx of foreign patients in India, Samridhi said, "Medical visas are now easier for foreign nationals. Certain formalities and legalities have to be met prior to the transplant in India, for a foreign national. We get enquiries from different countries, and letting patients know of medical-legal requirements is our primary concern."

Liver transplant cost in India is reported to vary from case to case. All the required documents must be compiled prior to leaving the home country of the patient.

"Most patients lack clarity about the legalities involved in getting a liver transplant in India. Depending on the transplant type, incoming patients need detailed guidance at every step. This ensures there is no loss of money and time for international patients. Now who wants to go back to their home country to get a few missing documents?" exclaimed Samridhi.

LDLT transplantation is picking up at an exponential rate in India. With long-term success rate of over 70% today, most patients are prescribed immunosuppressive medication, post the surgery. This helps in reducing the rejection of the liver in the patient's body.

"Medical visa for transplant in India is given for a particular hospital. So choosing the right hospital is also essential. Based on the medical condition, a hospital can be shortlisted. For example, for Nida Ali, a Pakistani national, one year medical visa with 3 multiple entries, was possible. This eased her post-surgery visits to India," confirmed Samridhi.

Liver transplant cost in India is coming down each year. With the cost once being approximately USD 75,000 in 2005, now ranges between USD 35,000 to USD 50,000. This is turning to be a boon for foreign patients looking at India for medical services such as transplants.

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