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Get a Complete Review of E-Cigarettes at ecigarettereviewsforum.comFeatured PR

Reviews of popular e-cig brands like V2 Cigs, White Cloud, Green Smoke etc. now available at the ecigarettereviewsforum.com
Miami Beach, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 19/12/2012
Where do people like Alex .N. turn to when they need an unbiased opinion on a newly launched e-cig? Simple! They turn to ecigarettereviewsforum.com! Reviews are provided by the users and moderator so that everyone can find the best e-cig brand for their preference and budget.

Cigarette addicts looking to kick the habit and regular e-cig users both can use this site to read reviews of the latest brands. Reviews of popular brands like White Cloud, V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Bull Smoke, Premium Vapes, South Beach Smoke, SmokeTip etc. are available on the site.

"We all know that smoking is an unhealthy habit that causes as much harm to others as much as it does it you. Asthma addicts and others allergic to smoke are sure to thank you for the switchover! Besides it isn't until you've quit that you realize that tobacco smells horrible," says the spokesperson at ecigarettereviewsforum.com.

"But not all e-cigs are alike; some offer great value for money and others are just a waste. Our site helps you to choose the ones that are right for you. You can even sign up for our free newsletter and we'll send you the latest reviews," adds the spokesperson. Offers and discounts announced by manufacturers are also made available on the site. For instance, Green Smoke is now offering a 10% off to UK users purchasing through the site.

A single cigarette contains thousands of harmful ingredients including benzene, ammonia, acetone, tar, nicotine, and even arsenic. These are known carcinogens and very harmful for the body. But e-cigs are harmless and even encourage you to quit the habit. An electronic cigarette is a healthier option wherein smokers get the gratification on holding the cigarette. The smoke that emanates is just harmless liquid vapor. The nicotine that is produced is also harmless.

About ecigarettereviewsforum.com: This is site dedicated to help cigarette smokers find information about the latest brand of electronic cigarettes in the market.

To know more, please visit, http://www.ecigarettereviewsforum.com/



This site is an online forum to help e-cig fans to discuss and review the latest brands. To know more, visit, http://www.ecigarettereviewsforum.com/


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