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Skinny Life Program Assures Permanent Fat Loss through HypnosisFeatured PR

Leading hypnotherapist, Crystal Dwyer Hansen has come up with the SkinnyLife program that assures permanent fat loss by hypnotism sessions along with NLP and transformational coaching
Salem, OH, United States (pr4links.com) 28/11/2012
There is exciting news for those battling with weight issues: SkinnyLife Program has assured to effectively assist with permanent weight loss by hypnosis. The weight loss hypnosis program is an endeavor by leading life coach Crystal Dwyer Hansen who is a board certified hypnotherapist and Meditation Instructor at the Chopra Center of Well Being. She also has a membership with International Coaching Federation.

According to the Hansen, most people trying mainstream fat loss programs cannot achieve the lasting effect because they, somewhere in their mind, actually wait for their overweight bodies to return. With respect to the traditional weight loss methods of eating less & exercising more, Dwyer explains that using the conventional methods alone cannot provide permanent effects since there are no efforts made target all levels of consciousness.

"Everything begins and ends with the mind. Your particular beliefs about your image, body, or habits actually drive your actions and the ability to attain permanent success. Hence to achieve the goal of permanent weight loss, one needs to rise from their self-sabotaging patterns and beliefs embedded in their consciousness and replace them with the beliefs and motives to work out for a lasting effect", explained Dwyer.

As per a representative of the seasoned hypnotherapist, Dwyer created the SkinnyLife program using the tools of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and transformational coaching, combined with hypnosis weight loss sessions to transform the self-sabotaging mindset in human beings into a positive temperament that can support the most fit and positive version of the person.

The SkinnyLife program is targeted to 3 core areas: mind, eating habits, and movement. "Dwyer's program influences the mind to reverse destructive fears and self images that a person holds regarding their weight and makes the person conscious about their eating choices, which transforms them into a healthy, mindful eater. Her hypnotism sessions also help in changing mindset towards exercise from something painful into a natural movement which is interesting to perform", commented Dwyer's manager, while speaking about the philosophies of the SkinnyLife program.

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