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Quirky And Fun: Newborn Baby Clothes From Nappy HeadFeatured PR

Personalised Baby Clothes All the Rage
Luton, UK, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 21/11/2012
If you're a new parent then you're going to want to show off your baby to the world. Newborn baby clothes are a must but why not look down the road of customised baby clothes? This is what Nappy Head have thought long and hard about before the London based company bought their mix of necessity and design together in the form of Nappy Head newborn baby clothes.

Nappy Head offer a wide range of different outfits for babies through to young children, all combining usability with the quirky design that sets the brands standard. From baby grows in lurid colours, stripes and animal patterns, as well as tuxedo and slogan baby grows, to t-shirts for the slightly older child; the range is all made with the highest quality of material and with an abundance of love and care. To complement their range of baby clothes, Nappy Head have expanded their range to include gifts and clothing for the parents too. From quirky t-shirts adorned with funky slogans such as "You Can't Scare Me I'm Having Twins" to matching t-shirts for father and son, Nappy Head have opened their gates to a whole new range of baby and parent clothing. Whether you're looking to make a statement or just look the part with your newborn baby and their clothes, you can do so with Nappy Head.

Something Completely Different

On top of this, gifts aimed at the newborn are also available: traditional gifts with a quirky modern twist. Instead of baby clothes for the newborn, how about a bib shaped like a Christmas pudding for that festive season. Or leopard print baby shoes. Nappy Head offer a huge range of different treats for the child and the parents and offer a great source of gift ideas as well as very useful baby grows and outfits.

Nappy Head believe that newborn baby clothes are very important and your child should be dressed as comfortably as you can do. Yet it also believes in style consciousness and cuteness so their range of clothing is intended to exaggerate the "ahh" factor.

About Nappy Head

Founded ten years ago by Sarah, Nappy Head has grown out of her mother's spare room into a team of six based in their own state of the art warehouse. The company believes in the importance of spending time and energy in creating the right products for your children and using only the best quality to make sure they will remain in best condition as long as they're needed. Having been recognised by such publications as Mother & Baby, Pregnancy & Birth, Junior and Vogue, Nappy Head has proven to be one of the more innovative product creators in the babywear market.



Although you may find other personalised baby gifts online Nappy Head takes the leading edge when it comes toquality and eco-friendly personalised garments for mums, dads and babies. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to personalised new-born baby gifts from Nappy Head. It is easy to orderonline and you can enjoy shopping for the perfect gifts from the comfort of your own home.


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