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Premier Florida Real Estate Law Firm Assures Highest Quality Legal ServicesFeatured PR

Benezra Katz PA is a premier Florida based real estate law firm which has announced to provide businesses with high quality legal help in every aspect of the real estate realm
Miami, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 27/10/2012
Miami residents who are plagued with real estate legal problems need not to worry—Benezra Katz PA, a premier real estate law firm inSouth Florida, has announced that they are offering the highest quality legal assistance possible. The law firm was established by Marc Benezra, a leading attorney from the Miami region, now serving the Fort Lauderdale and Miami communities.

"At Ben-ezraKatz PA, we are dedicated to offering our clients with the optimum level of legal assistance. We concentrate on every aspect of real estate legal issues by being thorough and employing creative thinking for every engagement," remarked a major representative from Benezra Katz PA.

He further noted that Benezra'sfirm is highly regarded in the legal industry for their outstanding responsiveness. "Whether it's promptly returning a client's call or sacrificing personal time for meeting according tothe client's schedule, our firm is readily available to address your legal needs effectively and can exceed your expectations."

Benezra's manager mentioned that their ultimate goal is to come up with the most desirableresult for their clients through highly skilled lawyers and a close partnership with the clients; this enables them to understand the clients' needs better and can represent them accordingly. Benezra'sfirmoffers clients various forms of legal help in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. In regard to the types of issues they serve, the firm mentioned entity organization, documentation and negotiation of transactions, counsel in government relations, acquisitions, mergers, and many more.

When asked to detail his service range, Marc Benezra commented, "We assist individual clients with representation and counsel in different matters like arrangement of executive compensation, enforcement and negotiation of employment agreements, intellectual property protection, as well as estate planning. We also assist clients regarding dispute resolution through courtroom litigation, mediation, and arbitration."

The attorneys at Benezra Katz PA are armed with legal degrees from different renowned universities and the senior professionals in the firm are backed by years of professional experience and expertise.

For more information, log on to http://www.marcben-ezra.com/ or check out or video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqwdzs6iIGA&feature=plcp



With years of experience in the legal arena, Marcben-ezra.com strives to achieve the best possible outcome and result for its clients. For more details, log on to: http://www.marcben-ezra.com


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