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Ace Florida Real estate Law firm Assures Highest Level of Expertise & RepresentationFeatured PR

Benezra Katz PA, led by ace Miami attorney Marc Benezra, has assured to support clients with best level of representation and expertise in real estate issues across Miami and Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 27/10/2012
Benezra Katz PA, a well-known South Florida based real estate law firm, has promised to provide their clients with the best level of representation and expertise in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale region. The company was founded by the leading Miami lawyer Marc Benezra, who earned his juris doctorate from the University of Miami in 1990.

A representative from Ben-ezra remarked that they are dedicated to smaller business clients, as well as leading established companies. The Florida law firm serves mortgage & real estate brokers, brokerages, agents, title companies, lenders investors, financers, property sellers, developers, and other property professionals and their clients.

When asked to saw a few words about the firm, the representative added, "Our main goal is to serve our clients with efficient and effective legal service, drawing from our specialized legal expertise, dedication to excellence, as well as extensive business and industry knowledge. Not to mention, we develop and retain attorneys and legal staffs of the highest caliber in the legal industry." He stressed that they strive to attain their goals with regard to integrity and the wellbeing of the entire community.

According to a statement by Marc's manager, real estate has always been their prime focus. The skilled negotiators and attorneys work together as a solid single team for the optimum success of the clients. "We value our clients highly and handle each issue while keeping in mind the perspectives and needs of each of our clients so that they can be represented in the best possible manner. Whether you are seeking an expert's assistance regarding bankruptcy filing or effectively documenting the estate planning objectives, you can count on us for the most credible guidance." Marc Benezra and his legal team assist their clients in foreclosure, mortgage, bankruptcy, and different issues related to property and real estate affairs.

The lawyers at Benezra Katz PA are ready to serve clients in dispute litigation, as well as in-house virtual counsel. For more elaborate information on the firm and the lawyers and services, log on to the firm's official website http://marc-ben-ezra.com/



Marc-benezra.com is Miami’s leading real estate firm with decades of experience in the industry. Legal assistance is offered for individuals and investors in any real estate situations and transactions. For more details, log on to: http://www.marc-benezra.com


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