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Orange County Wellness Coach Assures Positive Transformation in LifeFeatured PR

Crystal, a leading Orange County hypnotherapist and wellness coach offers life coaching, advanced hypnotherapy, and energy therapy lessons to help people overcome life obstacles and live a successful life
Phoenix, AZ, United States (pr4links.com) 18/10/2012
If you are battling with various life obstacles, there is convenient solution to your issues. Crystal, a leading Orange County wellness coach, offers assistance in initiating positive life transformations through expert life coaching.

Crystal is an American board certified hypnotherapist and holds membership with the International Coaching Federation. She is also a meditation instructor, certified by the Chopra Center of Wellbeing. The renowned Orange County hypnotherapist had a challenging life, but slowly learned to gain control and lead a healthy, successful life. A representative from Crystal Vision stated, "Crystal has blended the principles and tools from her own journey with her knowledge and expertise in life coaching and hypnotherapy to build an effective method of life transformation. Her system is sculpted to purge unnecessary thoughts from the mind and to recreate a program of success and happiness to attain the perfect lifestyle."

Crystal's life changing program is a system comprised of multiple facets including life coaching, hypnotherapy, and energy therapy lessons. These techniques help people overcome certain shortcomings like smoking, stress, weight issues, and many other challenges that can negatively affect the life.

Crystal's manager stated, "Unlike other life therapists who focus on a single method for change, Crystal's method can provide people with their desired success and freedom through the integration of various techniques and teachings into all levels of the human consciousness. The Orange County wellness speaker offers her life transformation principles through private coaching, as well as audio/video programs.

Crystal's CD programs, personal coaching sessions, speeches, book articles, and videos have brought lasting transformations to numerous lives all over the world. The representative from Crystal Vision concluded, "Our cutting edge methodology to master life's challenges has helped a variety of people from CEOs to teens. The process assists people in transcending their largest challenges and then recreating a healthy life filled with more joy, passion, creativity, and success.

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Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and powerful in healing emotional residue from the past that can block current or future success in any area of life. Hypnotherapy provides amazing results in ridding unwanted habits or patterns and replacing them with more productive habits and patterns for success. For additional details, please visit http://crystalvisionlife.com.


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