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Sector wise Analysis of the Banking Industry at SSBM

The symbiosis school of Banking and Management is one of the latest additions to the list of several popular Symbiosis colleges.
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The symbiosis school of Banking and Management is one of the latest additions to the list of several popular Symbiosis colleges. Their MBA in banking management is one of the most popular courses among students aspiring to become successful bankers. Located in Pune; SSBM is one of the few colleges to offer an all-inclusive course relevant to the current scenario of the banking industry. Though it is a relatively new addition to the Symbiosis league; the institute has received a very positive response in terms of acceptance from the industry. The recently successful placement season is proof to the positively growing achievement graph of the institute. Symbiosis banking management is successfully emerging as one of the leading courses in the country to cater to several niche sectors of the industry.
Banking management in Pune or any other part of the country may offer a post graduation degree but SSBM offers its student a complete package in terms of the education and exposure to its students. One of the foremost aims at SSBM is to help the students understand the banking scenario at a global level. In line with this tradition the institute organizes multiple industry interaction sessions. Experts from the industry are invited to share their experience and views about several niche areas of the banking sector.
Recently the institute organized a seminar on Islamic finance sector and the career options presented by it. The much needed interaction helped the students understand several critical points about the financial practices in Islamic country. The session also acted as a gateway for the students at SSBM as it revealed a brand new career path for many of them. The interaction also highlighted the key differentiating features of the Islamic banking industry and presented suggestions on how young managers could capitalise on this difference.
The talk was attended by students, staff and faculty at the Symbiosis Banking management campus. In fact, Dr. Venkatramani, Director SSBM, acknowledged the need of such interactions and the enormous benefits they had in store for the aspiring managers. The MBA in banking management deals with a combined study of banking and financial sector. Just recently, SSBM organised a special workshop on the insurance industry in the country. The workshop dealt with the many aspects of insurance business, the risks involved and the role that the young managers were expected to play when they stepped into the corporate sector.
Unlike the already popular symbiosis MBA in finance; the MBA in banking management includes knowledge about banking, finance and several related sectors that affect the growth of the economy. Through these interactive sessions; SSBM has been successfully imparting education about multiple sectors within the banking and financial industry. These are just some of the unique initiatives taken up by SSBM to facilitate the learning process of their students. The campus also has an internal blog known as the “bane of knowledge network” that is regularly updated to help students keep themselves abreast with the latest in the banking industry.
Being a constituent of the prestigious Symbiosis University; SSBM has successfully carved a niche for itself in the banking sector. The institute has been using innovative teaching methods to propagate within its students a proactive managerial approach. Given the effort invested by SSBM; the institute is sure to evolve as one of the strongest B-schools catering to the banking industry in India.

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