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Immediate Pearly White Teeth Seems Possible With Smile 60Featured PR

Smile 60 has assured immediate sparkling white teeth within 60 minutes with the help of cutting edge laser teeth whitening that leads to 14 shades lighter result at affordable rates.
Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 02/12/2014
Reading folks eager to sport pearly white teeth but limited by time constraints need not worry further, Smile 60 has assured immediate teeth whitening in no more than 1 hour.

A seasoned name across UK teeth whitening sector, Smile60 has been operating for 7 years now, since its inception. The clinic specialises exclusively on teeth whitening service. "We promise you the much coveted sparkling white smile within a single visit. We deploy state of the art laser whitening technology that guarantees the pristine result in no more than 60 seconds. It's a safe, tried and tested procedure and do not involve harmful side effects of bleaching which are usual with teeth whitening practices," stated one of the major spokesman from the clinic.

He further added, "We also promise you highly competitive rates with our expert Laser teeth whitening in Reading."

The clinic manager further confirmed a very relaxing ambience and all the teeth whitening projects here are handled by professional teeth whitening specialists. The clients are offered a pre-consultation session where the Smile 60 specialists demonstrate the entire laser whitening process before embarking on the actual treatment.

"As we are exclusively focused on this particular service, you can fathom the heightened level of expertise and specialist approach carried here. We guarantee excellent results every time," noted the Smile 60 manager.

On further approach, a senior whitening expert from the clinic guaranteed up to fourteen shades lighter whitening results. As per his statements, the Smile 60 laser whitening would last for up to 2 years minimum.

About Smile 60

Smile 60 is a leading teeth whitening clinic in UK, exclusively focused on laser teeth whitening that assure up to 14 shades lighter result within 1 hour. For more details, visit http://www.smile60.co.uk/reading/

Contact Name: James Dunner


400 Thames Valley Park Drive,
Thames Valley Park,
UK - RG6 1PT
Phone Number: 0118 4091 004



Smile60 is a leading laser teeth whitening clinic offering instant teeth whitening in 60 minutes with multiple clinics located all across UK. For more details, visit http://www.smile60.co.uk/cobham/


James Dunner

400 Thames Valley Park Drive, Thames Valley Park
Zipcode : RG6 1PT
0118 4091 004