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Greenville, SC Divorce Lawyer Discusses Legal Issues Related to Divorce in South CarolinaFeatured PR

How does joint custody affect child custody? What are the different types of visitation rights available? There are a hundred legal issues to understand before initiating divorce proceedings in the State of Carolina. Divorce lawyer Lauren Taylor offers free consultation on these issues.
Greenville, South Carolina, United States (pr4links.com) 26/11/2014
Divorce is a stressful and life altering situation. Having to navigate the complex maze of legal issues certainly adds to the problem. To help estranged couples seek answers to their legal problems, divorce attorney Lauren Taylor offers free consultation.

"Divorce laws are constantly updated to help everybody involved in the process. For instance, the latest amendment allows couples to divorce after just 150 days instead of the mandatory one year if couples have filed for a no-fault divorce," explains the divorce attorney in Greenville SC.

Besides the no fault ground, the State of SC recognizes four grounds of divorce, viz. habitual drunkenness, physical cruelty, adultery and desertion. As for the deciding on the custody of the child, it is up to the court to make child custody decisions after considering the child's best interests, although both parents have equal right to custody.

"Sometimes parents come to inquire if they have to pay for child support even if they share joint legal custody. Child custody does not affect legal custody and is payable even if parents share joint legal custody," she adds.

"People seeking legal counsel before filing a divorce are in an emotional state of mind and aren't really clear about their rights or duties on divorce. Sometimes, they're at a risk of having no place to live or are intimidated by their financially well off partner. Some partners have a lot of assets or are worried about an unfair settlement," adds Lauren. The initial consultation helps couples to know their rights vis-à-vis issues like child custody, alimony, etc.

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Lauren Taylor is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. Besides family law matters, she also attends criminal matters and civil issues. To know more, visit, http://laurentaylorlaw.com/

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