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A swimwear or a swimsuit is the clothing that is worn by people engaging in water related activities like swimming, water sports, etc.
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A swimwear or a swimsuit is the clothing that is worn by people engaging in water related activities like swimming, water sports, etc. Swimsuits come in various designs, fashions and styles. They can be chosen depending on the current fashion, the societal norms as well as personal preferences. Women have a wide option while choosing a swimwear, these included a one piece, two piece or a bikini, a monokini or a burqini which covers the whole body except the face. The trends and styles of swimwear have changed over time and a swimsuit is also a fashion statement rather than just a piece of clothing. If you are planning to buy one for yourself have a look here: www.tidestore.com or http://www.tidestore.com/h/Black-Friday-4

The word lingerie in English refers to a woman’s undergarment as well as night gown. Lingerie is assumed to be fashionable and alluring. There are many materials used to make lingerie, including Lycra, laces, silk, nylon, polyester, sheer fabric, etc. Other things like ribbons, bows, sequins, etc. can also be added. There are many kinds of lingerie available in the market today. The most popular being- baby doll or a negligee which is a short nightgown, bikini, chemise, camisole, thongs, knickers, boy shorts, slip, etc. The global market of lingerie is counted in billions of dollars with the American brand ‘Victoria’s Secret’ being the largest lingerie retailer. You can browser a wide range of these exquisite pieces on www.tidestore.com or visit the link: http://www.tidestore.com/h/Black-Friday-4/

Swimsuits are quite the young invention. In the ancient Greece and Rome, swimming activities were done in nude. And it continued for a long time for men. Women started clothing themselves in UK as early as mid 17th century however it was not till mid 19th century swimming in nude for both the sexes were totally banned. Now, there are many options while it comes about women's swimwear. They generally range from revealing thong bikinis and one piece swim suits. We are looking at two popular types of the women's swimsuits now.

Bikini was the early invention. They actually were invented in nineteen fifties by French engineer. This kind of the women's swimsuit was also named after Atoll Bikini that was site for the nuclear testing at World War II. Bikini became very popular that it fast became leading type of the swimwear for the ladies. It facilitated emergence of hair waxing industry. It’s 2 piece swim suits with the coverage for crotch, breast and buttock areas. It’s swimwear of the choice mainly for one that want to showcase their type. From the inception use has steadily increased to become most preferred swimsuit in world today. Bikini accounts for billion dollars in the sales yearly. But, there’s evidence that first bikinis were invented by Romans of Greeks. The artwork depicting women & ancient goddesses who were wearing bikinis were seen in Pompeii and Sicily. Because of the popularity, there’re a lot of variants in the market right now. It includes monokini, tankini, and bandeau bikinis.

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