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A sweater dress, as the name suggests, is a dress made up of wool or wool mix material.
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A sweater dress, as the name suggests, is a dress made up of wool or wool mix material. This dress is warm and is mostly worn over jeans, leggings or tight pants. Sometimes called jumper or a knitted dress, it is a favourite winter apparel. Due to the various manners in which it can be worn, it definitely is a perfect cloth to make a style statement. A waist belt, accentuated the waist and gives a normal sweater dress some spice. Also, coats, blazers and boots go really well with this winter dress. The sweater dress is a trendy and chic way to welcome the winters with a smile. Visit www.tidestore.com or http://www.tidestore.com/h/Black-Friday-4/ to add an extra edge to your wardrobe.

Accessories are small items which compliment a person’s overall look. Commonly called fashion accessory, it is divided into two- things which are carried and things which are worn. Things which are carried include handbags, purse, umbrellas, hand fans, etc. Things which are worn include shoes, jackets, jewellery, sashes, belt, boots, stockings, gloves, ties, hats, etc. Accessory enhance the look of the wearer. Many people define their style through their accessories rather than clothing. These accessories can be considered an extension of one’s personality and if chosen well, can upgrade a dress instantly. Beautify yourself further by clicking on any of these two links www.tidestore.com and http://www.tidestore.com/h/Black-Friday-4

Women's sweater dress now is very famous not only today but before. It’s very stylish and versatile. Just like little black dress, blue jeans, black pumps, pencil cut skirt, white blouse, sweater dresses are considered as the classic clothing piece. There’re different ways of wearing this stylish item. Read following lines and know more.

Suppose you will wear this to have relaxing time with girlfriends, then you can wear this casually. One best idea is wearing tight leggings or top with sweater dress. It’s comfortable, easy and stylish to wear. Also, you can look feminine as well as relaxed with this type of the getup. You may select pastel and bright colored ones that depends on mood.

You can wear sweater dress on work. The black turtleneck dress can look corporate & business like. Also, you don’t have to be dowdy while wearing the office attire. Still you can be very stylish in case you know what you are wearing. You may pair it with classic black pumps & pearl earrings. There is no outfit that is more appropriate for the woman on go. You may wear cropped sweater on your dress that is one good layering tip. You can add color to black or gray outfit just by wearing brightly colored bag or leggings.

One more way to wear sweater dress is pairing this with boots. The boots are popular among the women nowadays. They’re sturdy, sexy and fashionable. You can pair the black sweater with the black heeled boots. It is perfect getup in the winter while you need a little protection for feet.

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