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Also known as LBD, the Little Black Dress is considered by most fashion observers as a rule rather than trend.
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Also known as LBD, the Little Black Dress is considered by most fashion observers as a rule rather than trend. The origins of LBD can be dated back to the 1920’s with fashion designer Coco Chanel. She had wanted to make a dress that would be affordable, long lasting and available to everyone. The neutral colour black was picked to make the dress a steady choice of attire for years to come. The beauty of the Little Black Dress is that it can be worn down or up according to any occasion. One black dress, with a jacket, can make an office wear while the same can be accompanied with jewellery to make an evening year. The beauty of the LBD lies in its simplicity and women around the world consider it an essential item in their wardrobe. If you think that the time has come to add an LBD to your wardrobe, please click here: www.tidestore.com or http://www.tidestore.com/h/Black-Friday-4/

A woman’s wardrobe is one of her greatest assets. The world knows her through what she wears and how she looks. Every woman has her own taste in clothing, but there are a few things that must be included in every woman’s wardrobe, irrespective of her age, her style and her definition of fashion. The first thing is a pair of well fitting black trousers. They never go out of fashion and they can be worn with everything else in the wardrobe. The second item that must find a place in a woman’s wardrobe is a white button down shirt. The last but not the least thing that a woman must have is a Little Black Dress. With these three essentials, no woman can have a bad dress day! And here are some more options: www.tidestore.com and http://www.tidestore.com/h/Black-Friday-4

Beauty about little black dress attire is you may create different looks that you want. The black dress is must in each womans' wardrobe. From night out to business meeting, black dress will bring you to, home again or to next event with complete ease. There’re a lot of things one can do in order to dress this up and down and make this suitable for any kind of situation or event.

• Keep it ironed and clean. The lint brush is best friend. Suppose you do not have one, then buy one and try to keep dress clean & free from the pet hair and lint.
• Choose on accent coloured piece & revolve rest of the outfit over it.

The large earrings or necklace, which is very eye catching is one best way to wear little black dress. It’s very important to know that if wearing the large earrings, than necklace must be subtle, and if wearing large necklace than earrings must be kept very simple. For evening look you can add a little sparkle with the costume jewellery. Think of slipping on the jewelled bangles & silver heels. Suppose you wish to wear black dress for ball, you may want to add pearl necklace or some diamonds. Suppose you will wear pearl necklace, then try out wearing the multiple strands at various lengths. The simple pair of the pearls, the detailed tights as well as some inches of heel will dress up any kind of outfit.

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