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Is Randy Moss Too Old for the Miami Dolphins? TicketLuck.com Worries About the Future of Miami Dolph

According to the Miami Herald, the Dolphins passed on the ace wide receiver Randy Moss. He will be playing his next game for the Titans, as the two teams meet at the Miami Gardens. The Dolphins head coach, Tony Sparano has cited Moss’s old age and erratic behavior as the main reasons. Sunday Night football might give the Dolphins a glimpse of what could have been.
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Before the start of the football season the Miami Dolphins had an opportunity to pick Randy Moss and strengthen their offense. As the Miami Herald reports, for the second time they passed on the wide receiver claiming that he’s not the missing piece in their team. In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, the coach Tony Sparano stated that, “There is no doubt that Randy Moss is an asset for any team but our overall concerns outweigh the positives”. General Manager, Jeff Ireland echoed his decision stating, “Even if we ignore Moss’s recent behavior with his coaches, his age and potential long-term fit doesn’t mesh with the blueprint we are currently trying to follow”.
The team’s current wide receiver Brandon Marshall openly showed his disappointment when Randy Moss wasn’t picked. In a press conference he claimed, “Moss has a very unique playing style. It would have been interesting to share the space with him as it would have improved my game as well”.
If nothing else, this news has benefited the ticket holders as the fans eagerly await the showdown between the two teams. Scott Briggs from TicketLuck.com(http://www.ticketluck.com) states, “Sales for the game between the Dolphins and the Titans have hiked, especially since the former rejected Randy Moss and latter picked him”. He further stated, “Everyone is waiting to see if the Miami team has to eat a humble-pie”.
After the loss at the recent games especially Miami Dolphins in Foxborough(http://www.ticketluck.com/categories/Miami-Dolphins/Miami-Dolphins-Foxborough-MA/index.php) and Miami Dolphins in East Rutherford(http://www.ticketluck.com/categories/Miami-Dolphins/Miami-Dolphins-East-Rutherford-NJ/index.php), the team must be regretting its decision. Miami Dolphins in Oakland(http://www.ticketluck.com/categories/Miami-Dolphins/Miami-Dolphins-Oakland-CA/index.php) where also crushed by the Raiders, in what appeared to be a one-sided game. For the sake of their fans we hope that the Miami Dolphins at Miami Gardens(http://www.ticketluck.com/categories/Miami-Dolphins/Miami-Dolphins-Miami-Gardens-FL/index.php) game proves to be a better performance. A defeat at the hands of Randy Moss will certainly not be good for Dolphins ego!

About Miami Dolphins
Established in 1966, Miami Dolphins is one of the most successful football teams. With two league championships under their belt, they play their home games at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens. As many as nine Dolphin players have been inducted in the pro Football Hall of Fame and three have had their numbers retired.


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