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New Book Reveals How to Create a Website with WordPress in A Few ClicksFeatured PR

Ming Jong Tey in his latest book explains about the process of creating a website in an easy and uncomplicated manner
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore (pr4links.com) 29/05/2012
A latest book on Amazon details a simple and straightforward guide on creating a website. Aptly called, "How to Create a Website with WordPress and Start a Profitable Online Business", the book is targeted at beginners and amateurs looking to venture into online business.

"My journey from zilch to becoming a successful affiliate marketer today has been that of experiments-some were successful and others were setbacks. In fact, I have even paid more than $1700 just to learn to build a basic website. All that I learnt is now chronicled through this book. Since I have been there and done that, I know about the common mistakes made by beginners," says Ming Jong Tey, the author of this book. He also has considerable amount of experience in affiliate marketing.

The Book is divided into 19 different chapters that describe in detail about the process of registering domain names, getting host accounts, choosing WordPress themes, keyword research, niche selection etc. At the end of every session the Author has listed out a set of actionable tasks to be completed. These tasks ensure that the reader has understood the concept and is on the right track. Ming also explains about 12 essential plugins that are needed to run a website efficiently.

Ming's book has attracted some positive reviews on Amazon with people even describing it to be, "…detailed without any fluff." Other positive reviews include comments that they learned, "… and actually set up a simple Wordpress website using the very comprehensive instructions. I was overjoyed, especially me being not very technical with computers. There were graphics to show me exactly how it was done including the initial buying domain and hosting set up. I was terrified at first; not understanding some of the jargons used, but step-by-step pictures explains the process well." There is also a bonus for buyers; they can download 30 WordPress Mastery Videos for Free on the Internet.

Book reviewers may request a review copy of the e-book by contacting the author. The author, Ming Jong Tey, is available for interviews.

About the Book: Ming Jong Tey's book, How to Create a Website with WordPress and Start a Profitable Online Business explains readers on the process of forming a WordPress site and then turning it into a self functioning money making venture. It is currently available for sale on Amazon.

To know more about the book, visit http://www.amazon.com/Website-Wordpress-Profitable-Business-ebook/dp/B00828XFN6/



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