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Century- Old Tradition Stained Glass Offers Impeccable Glass Artwork & RestorationFeatured PR

Perth based Tradition Stained Glass declares to be the absolute destination for exotic stained glass art pieces for both corporate & residential customers
North Fremantle, WA, Australia (pr4links.com) 29/05/2012
Tradition Stained Glass claims to be one of the best platforms for stained glass artistry with highest quality products. The Freemantle based company is a family owned business established in 1908 and has already completed its 100 years.

"We always strive to provide our clients with the most unique and quality stained glass works with unsurpassed artistry, quality and craftsmanship. Detailed attention to every project is one of our specialties", says Kim Fitzpatrick, the 3rd generation owner of the company. Kim added that their lead light & stained glass products would be able to match up with any décor, be it conventional or contemporary. The company was actually founded by Kim's great grandfather.

The company not only designs & creates the glass artworks but also offers services like restoration, repair as well protection of the existing glass art pieces for their clients.

The company is equipped with a distinct gallery of faceted, leaded, sculptured or hand painted gold windows in diversified designs and patterns.

"Tradition Stained Glass comes up with a rich heritage and the authentic artistic influence of the archaic European school and thus each of our products are enriched with class, elegance, unique designs & styles", Mr. Fitzpatrick adds, when commenting about the significance of the company's services. He further added that he is always traveling to the world's biggest glass suppliers like Spectrum Glass, Urobourus Glass, Bullseye Glass etc. to know more about the recent advancements in stained glass themes and production techniques. "We want to provide our customers with the most up to date decoration", he adds.

Kim's company has served a broad range of clientele over the years. Tradition Stained Glass, works with a great host of commercial organizations, governmental bodies, churches, institutions apart from the residential customers. The company is ready to business overseas, outside Perth.

The previous customers of the Tradition Stained Glass seem to be highly pleased with Kim and his team's endeavor - they have mostly praised the company for its exotic designs and fine artistry.

To know more about Tradition Stained Glass click on to http://www.traditionstainedglass.com.au/ .



For more information on Tradition Stained Glass or to consult with its owner, one can hit on to http://www.traditionstainedglass.com.au/ .


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