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Royal Lahaina Resort publishes article on Maui whale watchingFeatured PR

Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui publishes an article about Maui whale watching.
Lahaina, HI, United States (pr4links.com) 26/09/2014
Royal Lahaina Resort is one of West Maui's historic resorts, and one of the earliest hospitality establishments built in the town of Lahaina.

Along with offering real-life hospitality to visitors, Royal Lahaina Resort also writes and publishes a range of informational and discursive articles about various aspects of vacationing in Hawaii. The articles cover a wide variety of topics that include the attractions of Hawaii and Maui in particular; offer planning, packing, and vacationing tips for individuals and families; and talk about various aspects of Hawaii's unique natural environment, such as plants, animals, sea life and ecosystems.

The latest Royal Lahaina article talks about Maui whale watching, a popular activity during the peak months of December to March when large numbers of whales stop by Hawaii to mate.

Maps of humpback whale sightings show that the waters around Maui - particularly the stretch between Maui & Lanai - as one of the highest-activity areas for whales.

Many people choose to stay on-shore and spot whales while parked at one of a number of well-known whale-watching outlooks.

If you are a true homebody, you don't even need to do that. If you are spending your Maui vacation in an ocean-view room at a resort like Royal Lahaina, you will typically have access to a Hawaiian-style balcony or patio, and with a looking glass or a pair of binoculars, you can do a good bit of whale-spotting without even needing to leave the hotel.

This approach does lack a certain thrill, so many visitors opt to get up close by securing a place on a whale-watching cruise. The particularly adventurous may want to go it alone and either rent a boat or get swimming gear to go "eye to eye" with the whales, but this is not recommended - whales, especially humpbacks, are huge creatures that can flip a boat or injure a swimmer both through direct physical contact, and by creating waves or disturbances strong enough to capsize a small water craft.

Moreover, getting too close can be harmful for the whales themselves - as the article mentions, a stop-over in Hawaii is an essential part of a Pacific whale's life cycle, and having humans and human watercraft get too close can end up causing the whales undue stress or disruption.

If you're interested in whale watching on Maui, read the rest of the article here, or go to the Royal Lahaina site to reserve your stay and see the creatures for yourself!

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