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New Drop Ship Platform Helping Hundreds of Online EntrepreneursFeatured PR

Chi Activate, makers of the popular natural health and beauty products and devices, has launched a successful new drop-shipping service for its resellers.
Blaine, WA, United States (pr4links.com) 24/04/2012
Chi Activate, makers of the popular beauty and health devices, has been helping hundreds of resellers all over North America. Now, the company is making it even easier for their resellers to make good profits by launching a newer, better drop-shipping platform.

ChiDropShip.com Helping Hundreds Of Entrepreneurs

In January earlier this year, Chi Activate launched their new drop-shipping website, ChiDropShip.com. The new website is designed to cater to the needs of Chi Activate's resellers, who will now benefit from faster, more user-friendly, and better drop-shipping services.

"Our resellers do a huge chunk of the work here at Chi Activate," Mark, customer service manager of Chi Activate, says. "And our job here in the HQ is to make things as easy for them as possible. ChiDropShip.com does that for them. Now, all our resellers need to do is to close the sale -- we'll handle the delivering, the tracking, and refund handling."

"Resellers" are entrepreneurs, usually home-based, who sell Chi Activate products to earn commissions per sale. ChiDropShip.com is seen as an improvement over the previous drop-shipping system used by Chi Activate, and has been increasing sales for the company's re-sellers since it launched last January.

Drop Shipping Reduces The Risk of Storing Inventory

The main advantage of a drop-shipping system is that it eliminates the need for resellers to store inventory. Once a sale is made through a reseller, ChiDropShip.com will deliver it to the buyer's mailing address automatically. That way resellers can focus more of their time and attention to making more sales.

"But of course, we won't stop there," Mark says. "We're constantly watching, evaluating, and cooking up ideas on improving the selling experience for our resellers. ChiDropShip.com is a major step towards that, but we guarantee there will be newer and better features rolling out in the near future."

Chi Drop Ship welcomes and trains resellers in starting their own beauty and health business. Interested parties may check out the new drop-shipping services at Chi Drop Ship, or get to know the company and its products better at its store.

Download FREE Drop Ship Business Book

For those who are new in the drop shipping business, Chi DropShip has published an Ebook about starting an online business with drop shipping. This is now free and can be download here:


About Chi Drop Ship

Chi Drop Ship is a drop shipping company that specializes in products that heal pain and treat medical conditions naturally. Among its more popular products include the ChiSoft Neck Traction device, which relieves chronic neck pain caused by pinched nerves and slipped discs without drugs or surgery.


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About Chi Activate ChiActivate.com is specialized in beauty and health products since 2005. Chi Activate was founded to provide the newest innovative health products to enhance the natural healing process of the human body. These top branded products are only available online. Today’s society, people are bombarded with hundreds of different drugs every day. Most drugs have side effects and people can be drug addictive in the long term. Chi Activate helps people to promote a healthy lifestyle


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