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With Ice caps melting drastically at the Poles due to Global Warming, focusing our attention towards Green Energy seems to be the only way out for a safe Planet Earth for the future of Mankind.
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"To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we need to ultimately make clean, renewable energy the profitable kind of energy." - A responsible and thought provoking statement indeed by Barack Obama in 2009 while addressing to Joint session of Congress. And it is high time that Governments across the world start supporting the Industries that are into Renewable Energy.

Wind, Solar and Biomass - These three sources for Green Energy have been taken seriously in the last 3 decades and there have been significant technological advancement which has resulted in generating power. Wind Industry, considered the most advanced and matured among the three sources of Green Energy has already proven its potential to meet 9% of Europe's power requirements in 2010, according to the statistical report published by Europe Wind Energy Association (EWEA). This was only 2.2% in 2000. These figuresprove beyond any doubt that Wind Energy is certain to answer our future energy consumption needs.

With no dearth for Solar Energy around the world, quite a few small scale Industries have already entered the Energy Market. However, the cost of producing energy through solar power is relatively higher in comparison with Wind, the reason being that the cost of manufacturing Commercial Solar Panels and Domestic Solar Panels are high. Researches are ongoing to select the cheapest material and manufacturing technology to produce these panels.

Rotary Renewables, based in Sheffield, UK has been actively working on Renewable Energy field for almost a decade now. Though they are only small players in the Energy industries, they specialize in providing solutions for low capacity wind turbine installations and solar panel for domestic needs. "Rotary Renewable is integrated providers of renewable energy solutions who can help you find energy saving solutions as well as the ability to generate a long term income from renewable energy", as quoted from their official website http://www.rotaryrenewables.co.uk/. Guaranteeing that these alternate energy solutions can generate energy for 25 years, it is definitely a good option to invest on. Not only does one save the cost of energy, it also helps to develop a pollution free environment.

To know more about these simple alternate energy solutions for your domestic or commercial power requirements, please get in touch with:

Rotary Engineering UK Ltd

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Rotary Renewables UK is the renewable sector of the renowned engineering company in England, Rotary Engineering Ltd. The company is a one stop shop renewable energy company that deals with a variety of modern energy solutions like commercial solar panels and domestic solar panels. It also provides energy alternatives in the form of wind turbines installations, solar thermal and biomass heating systems. For more info please visit: http://www.rotaryrenewables.co.uk


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