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Empire Moving Quotes Moving Expenses For Moving In Canada, Surpasses Other Local Moving CompaniesFeatured PR

Empire Moving Sets a New Standard for Local Moving Companies by Offering Unparalleled Service and Free Moving Quotes for Moving in Canada
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada (pr4links.com) 18/01/2012
Moving can be one of the most stressful events in a person's life, especially if the move involves long distances, several people, or delicate items. All across the globe, families and individuals find themselves faced with the need to relocate for work, school, family, or personal reasons. While the purpose and result of the move may be wonderful (relocating for a dream job, retirement, or to be with family), the actual process of moving is typically not very enjoyable. Packing can be tedious, lifting can be dangerous, and the whole process can be incredibly expensive. Fortunately, Empire Moving is setting a new standard for local moving companies, and this standard may result in long-term gains for the public.

A representative for Empire Moving states: "We strive to exemplify the ideal blend of personal elements and professional elements. We treat every move as if we were transporting our own belongings, listening to customers, planning out every detail, and handling and packing all items with the greatest care. Whether you are moving in Canada or moving abroad, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to handle just about any job. And our track record for promptness, safety, and affordability speaks for itself." This approach seems to be working, propelling Empire Moving to the top of the list for Canadian movers.

The array of services that Empire Moving offers is quite impressive: packing, climate controlled storage units, special discounts, moving equipment, and transportation of special items. They can handle national and international moving of trade show equipment, art objects, antiques, electronics, and office equipment, as well as any household items that may be required. They even assist with the paperwork process for international moves, helping people to organize their documentation for international travel.

The spokesperson for Empire Moving adds: "We try to make our website very useful. Through the website, customers not only get information about our company. The website quotes moving expenses for free, gives lists of necessary documentation for international moves, and provides important facts about the moving process. All of this is available in both English and French." It seems as though Empire Moving is setting the bar for moving companies around the world. They have an entire division dedicated specifically to international relocation, which is indicative of the new global economy, and their user-friendly website makes it convenient to get answers to any and all questions about moving and storage. It is likely that they will become the primary business model for moving companies worldwide.

About Empiremoving.com

Empire Moving has distinguished itself as one of the top local moving companies in Canada. Empire moving makes moving in Canada easy because its website quotes moving expenses before the process even begins. Then, they take care of every detail of the move with care and professionalism. For more details, visit http://empiremoving.com/



Empire moving is a full-service moving and storage company with over 10 years of experience. Based in Toronto, Canada, they move to all major moving destinations in both Canada and the US. Their service is ultra-reliable and fairly priced. For more information visit http://www.empiremoving.com/


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