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This article clears the misconceptions surrounding Jeffrey Cancilla by providing a true picture of the incidents that happened
Orange, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 13/01/2012
It's funny that the people who know the least about you, have the most to say. Greed can lead many to do unthinkable things. Jeff Cancilla has been a victim of a group of craven and partially adjudicated white collar criminals. After a series of reports that appeared about him on the internet, it is time to quell the rumors about him.

Jeffrey Cancilla serves as an attorney of repute in the Greater Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside County, and assists clients with debt issues through Bankruptcy Law, Fair Credit law and Debt Negotiation. He was the owner of the Provident Law Group, Inc., which was the victim of corporate and personal identity theft by a group of alleged white collar criminals.

Trouble started when Jeffrey Cancilla trusted Thomas Duong, aka Tuan Duong, a former subprime and questionable loan broker. Duong uses various company and personal aliases to mislead customers, vendors and others who deal with him. He even got a broker's license from the Department of Real Estate using the fake name of "Thomas". After a series of investigations, there are several incidents that have come to light. First and foremost, Tom/Tuan/Thomas Duong is an impostor. A quick check with the California DMV and the Police has revealed that they have no record of Tom having a driver's license. This means his true identity is yet to be found, and this name is an alias to get his way through the different con games.

After convincing Cancilla of his ability to operate a legally compliant loan modification company, Duong ran Provident Law Group, Inc. the way he wanted to, which was the illegal way, meanwhile instructing staff to keep Cancilla in the dark. Duong conducted this form of corporate and personal identity theft along with his "best friend", Brian J. Colombana, disbarred loan modification attorney. Colombana, under sworn testimony, admits to being Duong's very close business partner and forming a dizzying number of shell corporations. Those corporations were allegedly used to further their nationwide boiler room operations, using felons and addicts as telemarketers and henchmen for their various schemes.

After going to great lengths to establish a legally compliant loan modification service, even consulting outside expert lawyers, Cancilla thought he had a competent and legal company. However, Duong went to work immediately by improperly siphoning money out of Provident Law Group, Inc. One ex-employee described in sworn testimony how Duong ordered one of the reportedly addicted and paroled employees to cash a company check, and use the proceeds to pay off one of the many fines levied against Colombana's main loan modification scam vehicles: Liberty Law Firm. This is just one instance of the alleged embezzlement acts by Duong, and masterminded by Colombana. Duong even went so far as to establish a fictitious business name of "Provident Law Group" and used it to open an unauthorized bank account under the same name. The only logical purpose of such an act is misappropriation of funds belonging to the authorized and real Provident Law Group.

In only a few short weeks, Cancilla noted some questionable expenditures managed by Duong. When Cancilla confronted Duong about them, Duong concocted some plausible excuse, continuing to mislead Cancilla about the true state of affairs at Provident. After another two weeks, the company couldn't meet payroll, and when Cancilla confronted Duong and demanded to see greater and accurate accounting details, Duong refused to show Cancilla anything stating it was 'his' company. In fact, Duong did hold the lease on the building, and had complete control over all records, telecommunications systems and most importantly, the employees. When Duong refused access to Cancilla, he shut the bank account and issued cease and desist orders to Duong and the entire staff of Provident.

This enraged Duong, who only then told Cancilla that he had been running an illegal operation all along, and blackmailing Cancilla that he would report the illegalities to various governmental agencies and to the general public. When Cancilla refused to obey the blackmail, Duong did exactly that, in the process violating several federal telecommunication laws. As part of the blackmail, Duong revealed to Cancilla that he had tape recordings of conversations between Cancilla and an ex-Liberty Law Firm, employee.

Many of those private conversations took place prior to the formation of Provident, and related to how to establish a legal and proper loan modification firm. So, even before Provident was formed, Colombana, who owned Liberty Law Firm, was illegally recording conversations between Cancilla and the ex-Liberty employee. Colombana later probably gave those illegal recordings to Duong for blackmail purposes. In any case, the recordings while if taken out of context might be considered somewhat embarrasing, show no illegal or improper motive by Cancilla. On the contrary, they show Cancilla's intent to form a compliant and efficient loan modification firm.

After the cease and desist order, in early July 2010, Cancilla obtained a temporary restraining order against Duong and others, ordering Duong to return all Provident property to him. However, when Cancilla came to the office to enforce the order, Duong fled the office with the server, which contained all records of Provident. Duong was actually seen by eyewitnesses, before the police took any action, with the server in the back seat of his car driving away from the office. Unfortunately, space and attention spans only permit the above summary. There is much more depravity by Duong, Colombana and their telemarketing lackeys, and this article will be supplemented in the near future.

About Jeff Cancilla: He is a lawyer working in Bankruptcy Law, Fair Credit Law, and Debt Negotiation. Besides practicing law, he has also published legal educational materials.

To know more, visit, http://www.cancillalaw.com



He is a lawyer working in Bankruptcy Law, Fair Credit Law, and Debt Negotiation. Besides practicing law, he has also published legal educational materials. To know more, visit, http://www.cancillalaw.com


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