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Directional Technologies provides horizontal drilling services for the utility industry, and horizontal well installations.
Wallingford, CT, United States (pr4links.com) 23/12/2011
Wallingford, CT ( pr4links ) December 22, 2011 - Directional drillers serve three basic industries, the oil and gas industry, the utility industry and the environmental industry. Directional drillers also come in all shapes and sizes, from small “mom and pop” companies serving the utility industry, large offshore oil and gas directional drilling ( http://www.directionaltech.com/directional-drilling/ ) companies to all shapes and sizes in between.

Directional Technologies, Inc. is a directional drilling ( http://www.directionaltech.com/directional-drilling/ ) company that provides services to the utility and the environmental industry, however, our directional drillers have experience in all three industries, the oil field, the utility industry, and the environmental industry. This wide range of experience is very unusual for directional drillers and a directional drilling company. Most directional drillers specialize in one industry.

The directional drilling ( http://www.directionaltech.com/directional-drilling/ ) industry began in the oil field and the technology was transfer to the utility industry when several manufactures began building horizontal boring machines that allowed underground utilities to be installed by directional drillers using a trenchless approach.

This new crop of utility directional drillers began an industry that has grown into billions of dollars. In the early 90’s, the fiber companies understood the benefits of utility directional drillers and helped grow the utility directional drilling industry by installing thousands of miles of underground fiber cables with utility directional drillers.

As the fiber was being laid underground without disrupting highways, roads and wetlands, state and municipalities also began demanding contractors use this new technology and no longer issued open cut permits on many of their roads. This demand is still growing today. It is common for utility crossings under major highways to be installed underground by directional drillers without disturbing traffic and open cutting roads. Utility directional drillers can install conduits for any utility.

Directional drilling utilities has many benefits including not disrupting highway traffic,not having to open cut a road and not having to restore a construction area after the utility installation. Directional drilling utilities are also very beneficial in wetlands, river and streams. The utility directional driller can go under these sensitive areas without disturbing the wildlife. Utilities have also been installed using directional drilling under sacred Indian burial ground and endangered species nesting areas.

Utility directional drillers are common on construction project sites now and will be well into the future. Directional technologies, Inc. has been installing utilities using horizontal directional drilling since 1992. Please contact us at drilling@directionaltech.com or 203-294-9200 for further information for your possible directional drilling project.



The Company provides horizontal drilling services for the utility industry and horizontal well installations and installation related services such as installation planning, constructability review, horizontal well placement, horizontal well screen design, well development, and for the environmental remediation industry. To know more, visit, http://www.directionaltech.com


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