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More Than Gourmet provides customers with the finest gourmet sauces, demi glace, chicken stockFeatured PR

More Than Gourmet makes gourmet dining quick and accessible with fine gourmet sauces like demi glace, chicken stock, and other fine foods.
Akron, OH, United States (pr4links.com) 19/12/2011
More than Gourmet has created a new option for lovers of fine food – a selection of fine gourmet sauces and other products that take the stress out of gourmet cooking. In many cases, the difference between good food and gourmet food comes down to the sauces. This has been the opinion of trained chefs for centuries. However, the sauce is also often the most time-consuming and tricky part of the cooking process. Fine sauces often require years to perfect, with painstaking attention paid to exact ingredients, temperature control, and timing. Now, lovers of fine dining have an easier time creating true culinary masterpieces with the help of morethangourmet.com. This site offers a wide variety of sauces, perfected over years of research and experimentation. They offer sauces to meet everyone’s tastes, including sauces and stocks that are meat based, chicken based, seafood based, and vegetable based, so dietary restrictions are no problem. The sauces offered are made with all natural ingredients, with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

More Than Gourmet’s sauces and stocks are all based on the teachings of world-renowned French Master Chef Auguste Escoffier, the father of French culinary education. Escoffier insisted that the sauces and stocks were the basis of all French cooking. Inspired by his passion, philosophy, and commitment to excellence, More Than Gourmet began to offer authentic gourmet stocks and sauces from Chef Escoffier’s own recipes for professional and private kitchens, making fine dining accessible to the world. They began with a classic demi glace in 1993, and have expanded to offer over twenty classic, mouth-watering products to transform any dish into a culinary masterpiece.

Morethangourmet.com provides an impressive array of excellent, reasonably priced products, but it is not merely a sales website. This site is truly a resource for cooks of all levels, novices, “foodies,” professional cooks, and trained chefs alike. The website also provides encouragement, advice, and actual recipes with the intention of making great food and rewarding cooking experiences available to the widest possible range of participants. From delicious chicken stock to a recipe for Braised Fennel with Figs, anyone seeking to prepare exquisite food is likely to be thrilled with this company.

About Morethangourmet.com
Morethangourmet.com provides a wide variety of gourmet sauces, recipes, and information for cooks of all levels of experience and education. All sauces are made from Chef Escoffier’s original recipes, using all natural ingredients. For more details, visit http://www.morethangourmet.com/



More Than Gourmet is managed by staff who are passionate about the culinary arts and share a common goal- of producing the best stocks and sauces, and providing the best service to customers. To know more, visit, http://www.morethangourmet.com


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