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Reduce Fleet Insurance Costs-You Could Save Thousands By Following These StepsFeatured PR

The following are some expert steps, from Cover 4 Fleet Insurance , to give you the chance to save thousands of pounds on your company’s fleet insurance premiums.
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The following are some expert steps, from Cover 4 Fleet Insurance ( http://www.cover4fleetinsurance.co.uk ), to give you the chance to save thousands of pounds on your company’s fleet insurance premiums. It helps you see fleet insurance as an insurer does, so this is how you can save money.

Vehicles depending on your business can be an important or vital part of your business. And maintaining your fleet for day to day operations is a vital part of operations. With that one necessary cost is fleet insurance which is large but needed item for your business to run efficiently.

In today's business environment it is necessary to look at all expenses for today, 2012 and beyond. That includes fleet costs and fleet insurance which depending on the company may not be analyzed for its efficiency. To help the business an active examination of the parts that go into fleet operation and insurance as well as brainstorming creative alternatives is needed.

Taking pro active steps for incidents, accidents and insurance
Most businesses have had a reactive response to incidences relating to vehicles in their fleet. The problem with this approach is you have the cost of vehicle repair along with extra expenses that can be multiples of the real damage. So if you have £1000-£2000 in vehicle repair you could have over £10,000 in additional cost.

Being active in this area though is a way for companies to save a large amount of money in fleet expenses. Drivers factor in to being the main cause of around 55 to 58 accidents. And they are one of the major factors in about 87 percent of all accidents.

The three factors that affect insurance claims: road, vehicle and behaviour
When a vehicle insurance claim is made there are three major points that are considered in determining costs involved. Those points are:

- Road conditions around the time of the incident
- The condition of the vehicle before and after the accident
- The behaviour of the operator prior to and during the episode

As the manager of the vehicles you can keep the vehicles in the best possible condition which takes care of one point. Road conditions are out of your control but can be offset by proper vehicle care.

The last point of driver and driving behaviour can be changed to help cut the amount of accidents a year. Programs can be set up to train the operator in proper techniques and encourage correct driving. By combining driver training and proper upkeep of the existing and future vehicles costs with vehicles and insurance can be minimized.

To save on future fleet insurance expenses for 2012 steps should be taken to improve these points today. These can lower your costs and improve overall efficiency of your operation.

Examine your choices in the insurance market for the best current choice
Fleet managers should always be looking for new providers for their fleet insurance. There is always the possibility of finding a better rate and package for your company. It also may offer leverage with your current company to provide a better rate or expanded service.

Strict rules should be placed to enforce and encourage safe driving of company vehicles. When you encourage activity that discourages accidents you lower premiums in the long run. Vehicles should also be reviewed so when replacements are made you should pick from those that are preferred by insurance companies so you do not give them any reason to raise rates do to vehicle choice.

Fleet insurance is a need for business if you use vehicles. Companies can take a more proactive stance though to lower rates and costs related to this cost. Reviewing choices, actively encouraging and reinforcing safety in driving behaviour and picking the best options in current and future vehicles can decrease future costs in premiums and reduce future claims.

Fleet insurance is a necessary expense for running a business that uses vehicles. It is legally required and not having the proper insurance or proper amount can lead to problems. But steps can be taken to get the best deals and prevent its use to increase the productivity of your business.

About Cover 4 Fleet Insurance
Cover 4 Fleet Insurance, is part of Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers, a family insurance business set up over sixty years ago.

As a family business which has expanded and grown successfully over the years, Cover 4 Fleet Insurance is very competitive when it comes to commercial fleet insurance. They have a dedicated team who will work on your behalf to find the best balance between the right cover and a low cost taxi fleet insurance ( http://www.cover4fleetinsurance.co.uk/taxi-fleet-insurance.html ) policy.

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Cover4Fleet Insurance is part of Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers who has been serving insurance customers for over 60 years. It was set up as a family business and retains old school values in terms of level of customer service yet is very much a 21st century company when it comes to technology.


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