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Chlorellafella.com: A Brief Review on the Health benefits and facts About ChlorellaFeatured PR

ChlorellaFella.com, the Taipei based supplier discusses the unique facts and health benefits of chlorella products in human body functioning
Taipei, Da-an District, Taiwan (pr4links.com) 13/12/2011
ChlorellaFella.com gives a short review on the benefits offered by chlorella supplements in enhancing human body functioning. This Taipei based supplier has been providing 100% premium quality chlorella tablets, powder and spirulina products at wholesale prices to customers all over the world.

Clinical studies and researches states that Chlorella has high nutritional content and is an abundant source of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and phytonutrients. Being a 100% natural health supplement, chlorella can be consumed in tablet or powder form. Just a teaspoonful of powdered chlorella can work wonders in body functioning by helping people to stay fit and healthy.

As said by the spokesperson of the company,” Chlorella is a highly nutritious whole food capable of detoxifying unwanted substances, boosting immune system and improving digestive system so that body functions normally and aids in a healthy living. Other than that, chlorella is an essential health supplement proved to be effective in balancing blood sugar level and preventing chronic diseases like cancer.”

Chlorella has high nucleic acid content and has a remarkable effect on human body, acting as an effective solution for health problems like heart disease, arthritis, overweight, depression etc. Numerous analyses over these health supplements (chlorella and spirulina) have been done earlier and are reported to treat thousands of health issues.

The company has been supplying fine-grade chlorella and spirulina products from Taiwan, the largest producer in the world, to their valuable customers at an affordable price. Seasonal discounts are also announced by the company occasionally, the newest being the great Christmas sale with a massive discount of 30% on their 3KG packs when purchased before the end of December. Discount coupon is available on their website.

“We supply Taiwan chlorella, known for its high quality control and freshness, in the form of tablets, powder and spirulina+chlorella mixture for wholesale prices. Our featured products can be ordered online and we offer free express shipping worldwide”, says the spokesperson, when commenting about their services.

This amazing health supplement can be consumed by anyone irrespective of ages as is proved to boost both physical and mental health.

About Chlorellafella.com

Chlorella Fella is a reputed supplier of Chlorella and spirulina, supplying and marketing fine-grade products all over the world through free express shipping. Christmas sale has been announced by the company for their valuable customers with a discount of 30% on their 3KG packages. For more details, visit http://www.chlorellafella.com/



Chlorella Fella, based on Taipei, Taiwan, is a reputable supplier of premium quality chlorella and spirulina products. The company has been serving customers all over the world with health supplements at lower prices. For more details, visit http://www.chlorellafella.com/chlorella-christmas-sale/


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