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Pets Are Fun and Good For Our Health!Featured PR

I have had pets all my life. I was raised with dogs, both big and small and now own a cat. I can’t imagine a home without a pet as my companion.
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I have had pets (http://www.petpav.com/ ) all my life. I was raised with dogs, both big and small and now own a cat. I can’t imagine a home without a pet as my companion. They are fun, good natured (for the most part) and always lift my mood. But, who knew that pets can actually make us healthier! It makes sense if you really think about it. There are many reasons why our little friends help keep the doctor away.


I know that I like to go to the gym to keep active, but not everyone feels that way. So those who don’t like to run or workout, when playing with pets and walking dogs, will automatically increase exercise that normally wouldn’t happen without a pet. People who walk their dogs tend to be more consistent about getting regular exercise and improve their fitness levels. It has been estimated that people who walk their dogs for thirty minutes a day could lose weight over the course of a year if they do it five days a week.


Pet ownership can lower the risk of high blood pressure, or even a heart attack. Having a pet can reduce stress and anxiety because we owners focus on the tasks of taking care of our pets when we come home. We might not worry about work for some time because the dog needs to take a walk or the cat is sitting on our lap purring. Affection and loyalty from pets can help reduce tension and increase relaxation.


Owning a pet can be beneficial for people who suffer from depression because pets offer love and comfort. The responsibility of taking care of a pet can keep owners busy with simple tasks and distract them from the things that may be bothering them. Pets need care and attention which in turn can help us feel needed and valuable.


Believe it or not, pet ownership can actually improve allergies. There have been studies done that have concluded that children who were exposed to pets had a decreased risk to allergies. Kids who grow up with a pet are exposed to more foreign entities in the air and their bodies develop stronger immunities to things that could cause an allergic reaction. Basically, exposure to various germs helps people create defenses against them. Think of it as getting a flu shot which tend to build your antibodies so you don’t get sick.


Pet ownership increases social interaction. By having a dog that goes to the dog park or for walks on the street, pet owners will invariably end up talking to other pet owners or other people who are curious about their pet. A stranger may ask to pet their dog, ask about the breed, or just make small talk. Social interaction can improve our mood. By addressing even the simplest of topics, owners can forget about some of the other things in life that stress them out.

How could you not want a pet (http://petpav.com/p/85-sammy/profile ) after all the great benefits. We love our furry friends ( http://petpav.com/p/85-sammy/profile ) .



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