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Free Shipping on Orders Over $350 is announced by House of Caviar and Fine FoodsFeatured PR

Florida based supplier of wild and farmed caviar products announces a free shipping offer for customers on orders over $350
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States (pr4links.com) 28/11/2011
House of Caviar and Fine Foods, the Floridian supplier of caviar products, announces free shipping special for orders above $350. With no coupons or codes required, this weekly special lasts till the end of November, this year.

House of Caviar and Fine Foods has been serving gourmets and restaurateurs for over two decades and are known worldwide for its excellent quality and service. The company has its primary goal in providing products that are based on high quality standards and excellence.

Caviars are finest fish eggs got from sturgeon species, which were once meant only for royals. Right now, these delicious foods can be easily afforded by anyone. Wild sturgeons are found to be endangered species and so caviar production faced a decline earlier before a few years. Thanks to the farming technology, there is an extensive range of farmed sturgeon caviars available now for consumption.

This Floridian company supplies wild sturgeon caviars, farmed ones and non sturgeon caviars at wholesale prices for all range of customers to afford from. Being the major supplier of rarest caviars, the company offers large selection of products including Roe Fish, Foie Gras, truffles, smoked salmon, and much more.

“We select, prepare and pack caviar products in quality materials for ensuring safe and quick delivery”, says the spokesperson of Houseofcaviarandfinefoods.com, “Well-packed caviars are definite to possess a delicate taste and are certain to offer you an exquisite dining experience during special occasions.”

Despite the reduced quantity of Caspian caviar in market, the company offers finest quality varieties including the rare Beluga/Kaluga caviar, Royal Imperial Caviar, Russian Ossetra Caviar, Hackleback caviar etc made out from fresh sturgeons. From the prominent producers worldwide, the company offers a unique selection of caviars including the Italian caviar, American caviar, Iranian and Russian caviar and many other international fine foods.

The company guarantees 100% satisfaction and has just announced a weekly special deal of free shipping for customers who order caviar products this month. “The free shipping offer announced this month is mainly to satisfy our valuable customers. All who make a purchase of above $350 will automatically qualify for this exciting offer”, he adds.

About Houseofcaviarandfinefoods.com

House of Caviar and Fine Foods is the best direct source of high quality sturgeon caviars and has been serving customers worldwide. For more details, visit http://houseofcaviarandfinefoods.com



House of Caviar and Fine Foods is one among the largest producer and supplier of wild sturgeon caviar, farmed and non sturgeon caviar. The company serves customers worldwide with highest quality caviar products since 1984. For more details, log on to http://houseofcaviarandfinefoods.com/


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