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Container Company Offers Eco-Friendly Recycling OptionFeatured PR

SECURR provides customers with an innovate container featuring multiple internal bins for keeping recyclables separate.
Ontario, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 05/11/2011
California-based SECURR has announced the availability of multi-stream recycling ( http://trash-cans.com/recycle_bins_&_recycling_containers_&_home_recycling_bins_cans.htm ) receptacles, which are designed to make it easier to recycle a number of different items within the same container. The receptacles, which feature 3 and 4 separate areas for recyclables, offer a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional recycling containers that can hold only one type of material at a time.

“The obvious benefit to having multiple recycling streams together is convenience – to the user and the service personnel,” said Steve Thompson, Director of Marketing and Sales at SECURR.

A “stream” is an industry term used for each of the separate cans found in one recycling receptacle. Multiple stream containers are used to keep glass, cans, plastics, papers and other items apart from one another. By allowing the buyer to purchase just one receptacle rather than three or four separate containers, the new receptacle line offers a more affordable alternative to those who make recycling a top priority.

“If you walk up to a recycling container ( http://trash-cans.com/default.htm ) with an empty soda can and a water bottle, input slots for both recycling streams are readily available,” Thompson points out.

Due to the added convenience multi-stream recycling receptacles provide, they help encourage recycling while also reducing the risk of recyclables being accidentally mixed together. For this reason, many consider multi-stream recycling receptacles to be the most eco-friendly way to recycle.

SECURR, which is a subsidiary of Compumeric Engineering Inc., specializes in the manufacture of refuse and recycling containers. Its sister company, BearSaver, is a world leader in the manufacture of animal-resistant recycling and refuse containers. To learn more about SECURR and the company’s multi-stream recycling receptacles, visit the company’s website or call 888-671-7066.

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As a subsidiary of Compumeric Engineering Inc, SECURR has a long history of manufacturing precision components within the lighting, aircraft and contract manufacturing industries. Today, the company specializes in the manufacture of refuse and recycling containers along with its sister company, BearSaver. To learn more about SECURR, visit or call 888-671-7066. To learn more about the Cart Garage, visit the SECURR Cart Garage web page.


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