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Copper Artisans Community Launches New Facebook Page!Featured PR

Website features a cool video featuring their beautiful custom copper sinks!
Houston, TX, United States (pr4links.com) 31/10/2011
Copper sinks, hand fashioned and hand finished, are more than simply plumbing vessels; they are beautifully functional works of art. This community of artisans produces custom, totally unique copper sinks that art worthy of placement museums. These beautifully hand crafted basins are copper working in its highest from; these sinks can be created to your exact specifications, for those designing a new bathroom or kitchen as well as those doing a remodel involving a new or replacement sink. Copper sinks add an artistic, distinctive touch to any room, and you will never have to worry that someone else will have a sink like yours. Every Mexicancopper.com product is 100% unique and original, hand crafted and signed by one of their family of artisans. Our community of artisans is comprised of skilled craftspeople who are from families that have been crafting copper sinks and other products for generations.

This community of artisans is very proud of their Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/mexicancopper ) and its video about their work, and they would love to get your feedback and comments. I think you will find the video both informative and entertaining, and the website well worth visiting. In addition to the video, you will find information about their products, sales, and a wealth of other stuff having to do with crafting copper, and copper sinks in particular. You will be amazed at the beauty, creativity, and artisanship involved in the creation of these elegant, functional treasures. . It isn’t often one has an opportunity to invest in something so useful and beautiful that is also subject to gain value over the years. These copper sinks are just such an opportunity; like any other piece of fine art, many of these copper farm sinks increase dramatically in value over the years. These designs and techniques have been developed and handed down over the generations and are proudly preserved today by the renowned craftspeople that produce these awesome copper sinks.

The website also features some of their lovely bathroom vanities, produced using an old age lacquering technique from central Mexico. These one of a kind pieces are an extraordinary value and great investment.

For more information see: http://www.mexicancopper.com/



Deciding to add a gorgeous handcrafted copper sink to your home or business interior will certainly prove to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. The addition of a copper sink easily provides that touch of flair and personality to a room you’ve been seeking, and is guaranteed to be unique and last you for years to come! With so many designs and models to choose from, including their new patchwork style sink designs, you are sure to find the right sink to complete your design at an affo


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