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Health Choice Limited Releases Cordysen PostedFeatured PR

New Zealand Researchers Discover Powerful Anti-Oxidant and Immune System Booster
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand (pr4links.com) 31/10/2011
Auckland, New Zealand ( pr4links ) October 31, 2011 - Researchers with Health Choice Limited have released Cordysen, an organic Cordyceps supplement that boost immune system ( http://cordysen.co.nz/Page/Cordyceps-Immune-Systems-Booster.html ) defenses, impair liver function and rejuvenate all body functions . Health Choice Limited is a New Zealand based company that offers high quality health supplements; Cordysen uses high quality Cordyceps extract. Cordyceps, a reputable Tibetan herb, has been shown through extensive clinical studies to significantly improve immune system response.

Current research supports the antioxidant properties of Cordyceps ( http://cordysen.co.nz/Page/About-Cordyceps.html ). In an interview with Time Magazine, Dr Andrew Weil, MD, recommends Cordyceps as a remedy for longevity and noted its ability to increase levels of antioxidants produced naturally in the body. Furthermore, Cordyceps’ polysaccharide compound, which is its main active element, is responsible for its anti-oxidant effect that restores energy and vitality, boosts immune defenses and fights free radical damage.

Formal studies have been conducted to test Cordyceps extract impact on the immune system. A 1999 article published in The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine features experiments examining the effectiveness of Cordyceps on autoimmune health. In particular, the experiments covered in the article noted improvements in auto immune system ( http://cordysen.co.nz/Page/Cordyceps-Immune-Systems-Booster.html ) function.

Significance in these findings is found in understanding the role of cell function in overall health. Cells are the building blocks for every aspects of human body function. Cordyceps impacts the immune system by increasing the number of natural killer cells; these cells protect the body against invading viruses and bacteria. Cordyceps also improves cell function and oxygen intake. Moreover, Cordyceps also holds anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties that boost autoimmune function in individuals that suffer from immune deficiencies related to cancer, leukemia and hepatitis.

Furthermore, Cordysen utilizes Cordyceps extract with 40% polysaccharides, whereas competing powder Cordyceps supplements on the market contain 5% or less. Not only is Cordysen more effective, it is a natural treatment that offers effective results without a doctor’s prescription and can be used in conjunction with conventional medications and treatments. Also, when taken regularly, Cordyceps offers other health advantages such as improved respiratory and heart health, higher energy and improved kidney function.

Cordysen offers many other health benefits as well. Researchers are exploring is ability to regulate cholesterol, relieve respiratory illness and asthma, increase energy, slow aging speed, and regulate kidney and liver performance. A Cordysen supplement offers health benefits naturally and is an alternative that offers effective results for high blood pressure without a doctor’s prescription and without the side effects of traditional medicines.

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