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FAMI launches Advanced Non Surgical Face LiftFeatured PR

A new and safer way to roll back the years
Brimington, England, United Kingdom (pr4links.com) 27/10/2011
FAMI is the most advanced non surgical face lift using adult stem cells taken from your own body. The rejuvenation effects are long lasting and have shown to improve overtime. This cutting edge cosmetic procedure is now available internationally, providing beautiful faces everywhere and youthful-looking appearances.

Although new to the many markets, the FAMI technique has provided rare longevity and predictability in rejuvenation procedures through the use of adult stem cells since 1997.

Based in Marbella Spain, Dr. Roger Amar developed the Fat (Stem Cells) Autograft Muscle Injection (FAMI) procedure, after over 30 years of specializing in plastics and facial surgery. Dr. Amar has witnessed many types of procedures trend in and out of the cosmetic reconstruction industry. Recognizing how important it is for clients to have a safe, non surgical and natural approach to face lifts, Dr. Amar has made FAMI available to the international market. FAMI was once an exclusive procedure, only to be found in Dr. Amar’s clinic in London but now is being shared with a much wider audience.

FAMI’s non-surgical, injectable face lift Marbella is completed using your own stem cells to create new tissue and repair your cells. Injectable fillers, such as Restylan, are commonly used for short-term results while FAMI offers a permanent solution. This non invasive face lift procedure has been tested and tried, proving the restoration of contour, shape, and function of muscles used to make facial expressions. Under mild sedation patients will notice immediate results of the FAMI procedure without any short or long term risk factors involved. The organic approach of cosmetic procedures is unlike standard face-lifting, it has shown to be a very safe procedure with uneventful follow up in the hands of doctors specifically training in this procedure. Dr. Amar has personally trained a limited number of skilled physicians to provide FAMI. It remains a specialization that requires the hand-on training under the FAMI creator’s guidance.

FAMI is an incredibly progressive non surgical facelift procedure that does not compare to existing options with respect to lasting effects and or safety. Clients that have been fortunate to travel to Marbella Spain to experience FAMI, prior to this international launch have been satisfied and achieved more than what they expected, “…it’s only been a short time since the repair procedure but he results are amazing. The hollowness of my orbital areas and the fullness of my face have been restored to full capacity.” FAMI does more than provide clients with physical results but self confidence beyond limits. To learn more about FAMI please visit http://www.rogeramar.com/ .

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Numerous doctors around the world have attended courses by Dr. Roger Amar in the United States. Europe and South Korea in order to learn how to develop this innovative technology, having among his patients a large number of doctors and surgeons.


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