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CPMG Launches Pediatric Health BlogFeatured PR

In an effort to continue providing the most current, relevant and helpful pediatric health information in a variety of online forums, CPMG San Diego announces the launch of their blog.
San Diego, CA, United States (pr4links.com) 21/10/2011
With more people than ever turning to the web for children’s health questions, Children’s Physicians Medical Group ( http://www.cpmgsandiego.com/ ) (CPMG) San Diego is taking proactive steps to ensure parents and teens have access to information they can trust. On Thursday, October 20, 2011, CPMG launched a pediatric health blog aimed at informing and educating parents and teens with the most up to date information regarding infant, child and teen health.

Followers of CPMG's blog can expect opportunities to have their children’s health questions answered by pediatricians and/or pediatric specialists. While there are several other blogs on the web where parents can find children’s health information, it is often difficult to know if the information is trustworthy (as anyone can post content on the web). With CPMG's blog, readers can be confident that the content posted can be trusted and has been written and reviewed by pediatricians.

CPMG already uses the web to stay connected with parents and teens through their social media efforts on Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/cpmgsandiego ), Twitter and YouTube ( http://www.youtube.com/cpmgsandiego ). The blog will work to compliment CPMG’s goal of reaching and informing as many parents as possible.
Among the features that CPMG will include in their blog are: informational articles written and reviewed by pediatricians and pediatric specialists, videos of CPMG physicians discussing important issues, and an opportunity for questions to be answered. Since the blog is intended to serve parents as well as teens, CPMG encourages all followers to submit content and discussion ideas that they want to learn more about. Once these topic requests start coming in, CPMG will invite their existing pediatrician bloggers, as well as other pediatricians in their network as guest bloggers, to provide their professional opinions on the issues important to readers.

CPMG’s commitmentto share information is just one of many efforts by the pediatric medical group aimed at promoting healthy and active lifestyles in today’s children. For more information on the release of their blog, or to learn more about CPMG’s community efforts, visit www.CPMGSanDiego.com.


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CPMG hopes that users of FaceBook will direct other people to the page so that the free health information can reach even more people. Fans of the knock knock jokes are urged to spread those on as well, since laughter, and all of its benefits, are naturally and highly contagious.


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